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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There is now documentation you can download, read offline and print ! Over at are listed over 240 complete pages (a total of ~34meg of information) taken verbatim from Codex. You can download just those sections you need – and none that you do not.

    Before you start downloading or commenting though, please take a moment to read the information I’ve put together here:
    It should address what I think will be common questions.

    WordPress code isn’t static, and neither will these docs be either. It’s one thing to get everything there now, it’s going to be another to keep this project uptodate. When Codex recovers from the move, a new page for this project will be created in my User space. Any and all issues about this can be discussed there and if you want to help that’s the place to be.

    Feedback welcome.

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  • Sweet job Podz =)

    Wow. What a job! WHAT a guy! Thanks Podz….

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Feedback time:
    How can this be improved ? Not wishlist stuff, but actually practically improved ?
    Is it design ?
    It is the fact it’s a PDF ?
    Would CHM be better ?
    (HTML coding is waaaaay expensive in time)

    If you have used a downloaded PDF from the site, was it worth it ?
    Or would you rather I deleted it all and we just use Codex or pay for a book ?

    i think it’s a nice resource but sure seems like there would be a lot of work updating. are you really willing to spend that much time and could you actually stay on top of it? could lead to people receiving bad (outdated) info

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Compared to the creation, updating will be a breeze 🙂

    Once Codex is back, I am hoping – and it is hoping – that people will help when I post the method. Ideally of course I would like this information to be free and accessible from this domain after all, it’s the work of WP people that created Codex. Whether that happens will have to be seen.

    Codex has been uneditable since before I launched that page though so you can be assured that all downloads are as uptodate as it is. When it’s back there will be a flurry of updates, but it’ll calm down hopefully.

    And if it does get popped at (by more than have) I’ll delete it.

    I can give more feedback once I use your resource a little more. Just found out about it 🙂 I know I speak for alot of people when I say, “thanks for all the hard work!”

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thank you 🙂

    This is to everyone:
    I’m going to need some help with this though – the more people helping the easier the task, the more people helping the more you’ll hopefully blog about it and the easier people will find information.

    I don’t care where these files are hosted / who helps or of any other bits and pieces. My only concern is that information in Codex is available as freely and as widely as possible. Other formats would be great too.

    Please go download a couple of the pdf’s and constructively criticise – I could do with some feedback 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Clicking the link below will download into your machine a zip of the Open Office 2 files that I used to create the PDF’s.

    Note: Open Office 2 – it’s in beta but only it can do embedded URL’s in PDF’s. I have no idea what other program will open them – but I do know that Notepad++ just see garbage characters.

    Open Office beta:
    73 meg Windows file.

    As Codex has been uneditable, it’s all right up to date.

    Maybe you can think of a way to better present them ?

    All the files (4.38meg zip)



    Error 404 – Not here !

    Look like I must have deleted something eh ?
    My apologies.

    WordPress help can be found here:

    If it was something else you were particularly after, email me and I’ll dig through whatever files I have.

    My email: tamba2 AT gmail dot com

    Tamba 2

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Sorry !
    Fixed now – I’d forgotten to switch an index file.

    That’s GREAT!

    One sugestion, it’s posible add the version (date) of each file?

    Backing_Up_Your_Database.pdf [Version Date:6 August 2005]
    Before_You_Install.pdf [Version Date:6 August 2005]

    For us, will be more easy to know which file was updated, right?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Right now, everything is pretty much 6 August.
    As the pdf’s are updated, that will be reflected on the download page.

    Ok, thanks for all!!

    Regards from Monterrey, MEXICO.

    Great work! Thank you very much!!!

    pods, finally i download all 244 files on pdf, buy on the zipe file of ODT Files there are 249 files. so, this are the missing 5 files on PDF…



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