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You violate "massively accepted" web accessibility guidelines!

  • On the eastern hemisphere is valid for 7 years web accessibility guidelines issued by the European Union. You violate these “massively accepted rules”, and you build me and other into the role of businessmans second category.

    Random defect / offense: Links are distinguished from the text neither by underline nor by color. There are more violations in WordPress. Please correct.

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  • Of course, it’s not a template error, because errors occur in the administration and logged in users encounter them.

    Are you referring to something on your website, or the dashboard?

    You are free to get involved and help out http://make.wordpress.org/accessibility/

    For clarification, could you screenshot the offence and link us that?

    Also worth going through what WordPress submitted as draft to implementing the ATAG (2.0) specification to the W3C – in case the issue is already being considered http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/ATAG2ImplementationReport.html

    I could not I send you a screenshot.
    It is riddled with errors, such as

    Read the rules accessibility of the site, learn it by heart as any average webdeveloper, and you will see the error itself.

    Open the css file, search for a:link and you will see that there is missing text-decoration: underline; color: blue;

    Also missing are a:visited, a:active, a:hover

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

    . . . . WCAG =/= ATAG

    You can upload screenshots here: http://snag.gy – Then it’ll generate a link that you can send to us

    On that Appearance > Menus section of the dashboard, in my local installation, I could only see one error that would likely cause an accessibility issue:

    Line 681, Column 8: Element dl is missing a required instance of child element dd.

    But then I haven’t tried a default installation.

    Is that what you’re referring to in the markup errors? If not, what error(s)?



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    The WordPress accessibility team are working very hard in conjunction with core developers to both enhance the accessibility levels for all back end pages and to try & ensure that they conform with WCAG guidelines. If you have some expertise in this area – technical or otherwise – then please consider joining the group and passing your feedback onto them.

    It seems to me that nobody read WCAG principles and did not see it nor speedy from the express train.

    On our hemisphere WCAG are massively respected. Customers are used to it and then when they come to a page made ​​on a knee or contemptuous of WCAG, so just know that it is not a professional website, and they go away.



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    It seems to me that nobody read WCAG principles

    Then I’m afraid that your assumptions are invalid. I’ve been working in the field of web accessibility for over 13 years and my colleagues in the WordPress Web Accessibility Team have similar experience in the field. Although there are still improvements that can be made, WordPress has always been pretty accessible and web accessibility has always been a priority.

    It seems to me that nobody read WCAG principles and did not see it nor speedy from the express train.

    If that really was the case then the best way to ensure that the WCAG principles are considered would be to join the Accessibility team.

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