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  • Hi, folks. I have gotten farther into customizing than I thought I’d be able to (knowing no PHP), but am now stuck.
    Blog location:
    (feel free to poke about the site if it helps)
    item 1: This is part of a larger site, and the navigation needs to stay as is. For blog features, I just need to be able to post and would like to stick the calendar, archives and the RSS stuff under the bottom of the nice lady’s legs. I can see what seems to need to be moved, but it’s not working.
    item 2: I can’t figure out how to change the actual text layout of the main column — to remove that horrid green bar, widen the text area so I get more than one word on a line. That kind of thing. Is that hidden in the WP css file somehow? And since i have an existing CSS file for this site, is there any tidy way to combine them? I also don’t understand why the first post looks different than the second.
    item 3: i installed WP using Fantastico (again, since I know nothing about PHP) and see that I’m using v1.0.1
    Is that acceptable or do i need to upgrade to 1.2, and if so, how? After all, this was a one-click installation for me.
    I think that’s it…for now. Appreciate (hugely!) your help!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You can use the wp template and still have your site looking like that.
    you can create the site you want, and just include the part of wp that deals with posts.
    Either way though, you’ll be a lot better off upgrading to 1.2mingus.
    Tell your host they are waaaaaaaaay behind the times – ask them how long it might be for them to get 1.2 into place, or you can upgrade using an ftp client.

    Hi amysinger!
    I looked at your code and noticed that you have made a big change with the markup and used tables with your layout. In my humble opinion, I think the layout you want to achieve is possible even if you remain with the code in the original index.php file. And yes, you can integrate the CSS that you have together with the one that came with the installation. Nothing is impossible with CSS!
    Yep, you can remove the “horrid green bar”. Check out the CSS and try looking for h1 and .credit and play around with it 🙂
    Also, try checking this out:
    I learned a lot from this guide, I’m sure it can help you, too!

    Bless you both!
    Podz, I’ve written the admin of the webhost I use. He’s usually quite good about this stuff.
    And Labelissima, the link is brill and I appreciate the hint on h1, etc. Will do and continue to fiddle until I get it right.
    I only have 12 days till I have to go live. That’s a lifetime, compared to my other deadlines!
    I may be back…but thanks so far!

    @labellissima: IMHO, it may be asking a bit much to demand that this girl restructure her entire site within twelve days just because you don’t like tables. Give her time to learn, and I’m sure she’ll be producing perfect CSS when it’s time to redesign 😉

    Hi Anonymous, well, you’re right. 🙂 To each their own. I was just making a suggestion *blush*.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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