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    Every single thing I do now, your nag screen comes back to annoy me, and refuses to stay gone. If this is to be the new “normal” for this plugin, I will be seriously considering removing this plugin and using your competition.

    I am NOT a newbie and prefer another sitemap plugin, thus I do NOT need to constantly be PESTERED by your nag screen.

    So, PLEASE REMOVE IT once closed ONCE!

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    Hi @trible, can you please provide a screenshot of what you’re referring to so that we can help you.

    @trible this is far more reaching than an annoying message that won’t go away. They have disabled the other Sitemap in favor of their own. This puts their link into the new default sitemap.xml file. This was no mere accident. IMHO, this was done intentionally.

    They are now ignoring the issue. I predict they will release a new version that doesn’t do this to avoid the bad press that is coming on it.

    OHHHH wow @rebusify, you are correct! My Google XML Sitemap no longer works.

    Looks like that nag screen PLUS this issue makes the All In One SEO pack no longer viable for use IF THIS crap continues!

    Screen print for @wpsmort: right mouse click on image, and select View Image for a closer look if necessary.

    Am totally disappointed with this plug that USED to be my number one preference.

    Plugin Support arnaudbroes


    @trible @rebusify I’m sorry to hear that you are both experiencing issues.

    The notice we added is to prevent users from experiencing conflicts with other plugins, and it should go away permanently if you dismiss it by clicking the X icon in the top right corner.

    Can both of you click that icon and confirm whether or not the notice is dismissed permanently? If it isn’t then you are probably experiencing an unintentional bug which we obviously want to fix as soon as possible.

    You and I both know this is not a bug. This is intentional. We’ve removed your plugin so we no longer require your assistance.

    The nag I have is this…..

    “We have detected you are running WooCommerce. Upgrade to All in One SEO Pack Pro to unlock our advanced eCommerce SEO features, including SEO for Product Categories and more.”

    and despite “dismissing”, it comes back every time I change pages, screen, or even save a post / product / page.

    Plugin Support arnaudbroes


    @7thcircle we’d love to resolve this issue for you. Please contact us here – You can enter the URL of this page where it asks for a license key.

    @rebusify I FINALLY figured out what the developer did that caused their SiteMap to install… and you can DEACTIVATE the All In One SEO sitemap… YEAAAAAH!

    Here’s a video training I did to show others how to do this:

    If like me, you prefer to use the sitemap you had already installed and setup, deactivating this sitemap should restore the previous sitemap. No more nag screen too!!!!

    Why should we contact you privately to get this NAG screen fixed.
    If we click the X it should go away. but it doesnt.

    Please fix this before I too get rid of your plugin

    We have detected you are running WooCommerce. Upgrade to All in One SEO Pack Pro to unlock our advanced eCommerce SEO features, including SEO for Product Categories and more.
    Upgrade to Pro

    They had me contact them for access to one of my sites with the issue so they could look at it and test/replicate it.

    Per their response…

    Thank you for the login for your site.

    I’ve been able to reproduce the issue on your site and we’ve already opened an issue for our developers to look into this. We expect to have a fix for this in the next release due out very soon.

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    Plugin Support arnaudbroes


    @wealthy what @7thcircle said is correct, we have a fix for this and will be releasing it soon once we finish up resolving some other bugs that have been reported.

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