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    You start with a free plugin. What is there not to like about FREE, like?

    Well, as planned, you soon start considering buying it. I did, spent over $100, so that I could deliver the iterative block to one of my clients.Essentially, you can repeat on a block of the form while others remain as a single thread. My case: data about many children, associated to only one parent block.
    At this point, the client is excited, and you have invested a LOT of time on the forms. Why a LOT?
    * The alignment and columnar layout is fragile, things go bonkers and there is no safe way to debug it, except developing a lot of the same stuff over and over
    * The documentation is ALL OVER THE MAP, and the docs search is really bad
    * Some options, like the bootstrap module, destroyed all my site’s CSS… three days of development after the last back up. You know what that means. :(. Here is where the ‘take-it-or-leave-it” modality of their support starts to show up: “Oh, well, you can just TURN OFF all the CSS for Formidable!” ??? My theme’s CSS is not designed to show forms, that was supposed to be YOUR job!
    But you limp around, your client loves that the forms are pretty and neat…

    Let’s face it, the “BUSINESS” version of the Pro is what the core plugin should do. Unless you want to collect forms that can only be viewed online, and with a lot of limitations (tables with entries get large as you add columns, and go try to add lateral layout to a fixed-layout plugin (or any theme layout for that matter).
    “Oh, you wanted to export the data? Then you need to spend ANOTHER $200 and get the next upgrade.”
    Further, any large enough form requires you to view it in Google table format, which is why having that as an option sounded SO attractive.
    So I did, spent the $200.
    My client was now fully committed to the solution. Started building export pages… and that’s where reality kicked in…

    It turns out that neither Google table format, OR export of VIEWS works with iterative blocks!!!

    The process of getting to understand this showed me that the company’s support is sub-standard. Prompt responses but containing only patronizing, obvious answers (“Yes, of course I tried that already… duh”

    Until Support finally acknowledges that nothing works with the “repeating blocks”, and states very matter-of-factly that “There is no ETA for a solution”. In other words, sorry, we won’t fix it. Tough luck.

    So, the more you commit to this sub-standard plugin, the more you will pay…

    * You probably will lose a client, who will now hate your company for all the pain you have taken them through (“Hey, it looks really nice, it must be that the developers are incapable”)
    * You WILL need to re-develop the forms in some other package. I still haven’t even looked into it, because the client is going through the peak of their form activity this month
    * You will need to manually provide the data to your client, because now they really need it.. and EXPORT doesn’t work
    * You will (hopefully) get a credit, but you end up buy-in it again! Why? Well, because Formidable turns out your license a few hours after the credit went through… and you still have all the forms still active in your client’s site, generating more and more data while they wait to be replaced.

    I ended up spending over five solid weeks in the forms and all their collateral pages, exports, views, etc. I will never recover that, because I need to start from zero soon… and on top I will never get the second payment of $200 back.

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  • Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Hi there,

    I’m sorry that Formidable didn’t work out for you. Perhaps we didn’t make it very clear in your support ticket that a View is required to use the new add-on that allows view to be exported to CSV. The basic shortcode for showing data in a table isn’t the best option for large data sets. The best solution for the problems you had was to create a view in order to get all the flexibility you needed. I’m unclear on why you weren’t interested in creating a view in order to get all of the benefits you needed.

    I hope you are able to find a solution that better fits your needs. But since you purchased again, I strongly recommend that you create a view. It can be paginated, sortable, and exportable.

    P.S. You can export without a view too if you use the Formidable -> Import/Export page.

    I am also sorry that Formidable doesn’t work. Just to clarify, however, the order of breakage was as follows:
    * Google tables were the best solution. Oooops, they don’t work with repeaters (not written ANYWHERE in your marketing materials or documentation)
    * OK, we can create a view. Ooops, it doesn’t work either, because multi-choice checkbox answers that contain spaces break the view
    * Dang, well, let’s just use the short code to embed the export on a page. Ooops, they don’t work with repeaters

    Just as it was with your support interactions, selecting the one use case that works somehow, out of many, and ignoring the history of all attempts, is like claiming that there is no such thing as global warming, because yesterday it was really cold somewhere. Almost like responding “It’s got to be one of your other plugins or theme” (which wasn’t the case either).

    Death by too many “Oooops

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    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    I’m looking at your tickets, and it looks like you didn’t respond to Laura’s question about your view content. It seems that your HTML in the view had some errors and caused HTML issues on the page. I can assure that that a view is the solution you need for this.

    If you decide you’d like to try this again, feel free to open a ticket so we can help you sort out the HTML issues with your view.

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    Mmm… until the next “Oooops”? What will be the next undocumented defect that I will find and your company will refuse to address?

    Nah… Thanks but no thanks, I prefer to spend my time looking at WPForms, or any of the other worthy competing plugins (sigh, I should have gone for the most popular instead of Formidable…)

    But so be it, having had to pay already to keep the whole wasted effort working, I have plenty of time to do that.

    PS: The html issues had been already addressed, with no benefit.

    Good bye

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