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  • hi dear,

    i want to show more YOU MAY ALSO LIKE posts thumbs, currently there are 3 showing in theme.



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  • Hi rohit,

    There are 2 files relevant to this.

    1. /inc/related-posts.php – the loop style
    2. /functions.php

    Around line 400 in functions.php you will find:

    function alx_related_posts() { 

    Find this line:

    'posts_per_page'			=> 3

    And increase it to as many as you wish. You may need to do CSS edits for it to look good.

    Thanks for reply Alexander (done it) 🙂

    I have one more need pls tell, how to show only category posts in more section.



    Nice 🙂 Add the AlxTabs widget in the “Secondary” sidebar widget area, and select the category you wish to show.

    I want to show similar posts in more section not random posts 😛 example if i posted in X category then the post have to show only from same (X category) posts in more section as same YOU MAY ALSO LIKE is showing.

    I hope you catch what i want to say 🙂

    Thanks 🙂


    I see what you mean. Currently it’s not possible to do that with the AlxPosts/AlxTabs widget, but maybe something for a future update.

    🙂 Hoping for more premium updates for Hueman <3 An Awesome Theme!!



    how can i do it with use of custom css in my site



    Also hoping that the “You May Also Like” could soon show actually related content (by tag, category) instead of just random posts from the same database.




    Unless i’ve missed something I’m pretty sure it already does this.

    You have 3 options under “single – related post(you may also like)”:

    • Disabled
    • Related by categories
    • Related by tags

    which suggest to me that it does what you are hoping that it will do.



    Okay, I’m running Hueman 2.1.8 (actually a child theme) and I’m not seeing those options you mentioned. Where exactly are they?



    Theme options panel, blog section under single – related posts. I hope this helps.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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