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  • I’m glad I was paying for the good version 6.0! This is just a disgrace. Live Traffic is ruined. Blocking is ruined. Why do I use Wordfence? Oh right. Monopoly. Kind of like Microsoft. Use it or nothing.

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    Wordfence 7.0.1 was a major user interface redesign which moved the focus onto security fundamentals. Our emphasis is now on securing your website and doing the things that are most important to prevent a hack. This includes giving you a quick and easy way to see what your security posture is and whether you have the blacklist, firewall and malware scan enabled and if you have any current issues.

    Live traffic can be useful for some purposes e.g. seeing in real-time which bots are visiting your site. But it is not fundamental to security and in fact creates unnecessary work if you are trying to watch it and stop attacks manually. Wordfence actually does that work for you automatically now and you can disable live traffic and have a perfectly secure high performance site.

    If you would like live traffic back on the menu on the left, we have provided an option to enable that. Just ask in the support forums.

    Please note that live traffic has an expanded view which will probably give you what you want. Simply open the settings at the top of live traffic and enable it.

    We build this product based on user feedback, so if you have something specific you want changed, simply post in the forums and our team sees it and will discuss it in our product meetings.


    Mark Maunder
    Wordfence Founder/CEO.

    “Wordfence 7.0.1 was a major user interface redesign which moved the focus onto security fundamentals.”

    Perhaps you can explain to me how redesigning the INTERFACE moves the focus onto FUNDAMENTALS? That seems opposite to me.

    “Quick and easy”? That’s hilarious! It took me three times as long to see what traffic I had going to my site and to take action with version 7 than it did with 6.

    You guys are clearly in another world. Your attempts to mitigate the damage caused by your bad decisions by responding to negative feedback are pathetic to say the least. Fortunately, my subscription on 6 expired just before you released this disaster. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who feels this way.

    I agree with you completely. The changes made go against every UI design rule going.

    It was fine before. It worked. One click and I could add a username to permanently block. One click and I could permanently block an IP address. Both of these simple actions now require 2 or 3 clicks (or more). This is the opposite of good UI design.

    Lets hope they haven’t ruined the quality of the security processes at the same time.

    I’m testing out Access Watch. It’s still in beta, but seems pretty good so far. I’ve only been using it for a day. Using a combination of this plugin and .htaccess Site Access Control, and WP Htaccess Editor, we might be able to get back what we had in Wordfence.

    All of this just makes me realize that of course Wordfence has no interest in keeping our websites secure. They have a website cleanup service! It’s like putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen-house. Why would they make it easy to block people when they want your site to be hacked? That’s how they make money!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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