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  • You know this is rediculas Yahoo or someone is going to eat your lunch wordpress

    If you cant help new starters someone else will!! they will come along and build a better wordpress.

    i spent 2 hosting companys and 2 home pc’s and 2 installed WP hosting companys sites and

    the WP settings wont adjust right.

    PLUS you close out my LAST tag Really infuriates me.
    If i didn’t want this so much i would walk away.
    Not having a tech line for new subscribers doesn’t show much class.


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  • someone from your group write me email
    and GIVE me a phone number to answer a few questions.

    I started two days ago with .org.
    nothing but a problem!

    my free account .com i have no problems.

    The general settings wont adjust. in WP
    Help [Email removed]

    Moderator Dion Hulse


    Lead Developer

    Hi Jonkirby,
    As has been explained to you previously, is free software, which comes without any waranty or guaranteed support. These forums are the only official free source of help, and is completely community run. is a different service, they’re a commercial company which uses the software. Their support options are significantly different to that of the software.

    So, If you want phone support, or someone to sit down with and talk face to face, You’ll be best off contacting a local company, or freelancer, who specialises in WordPress consulting. You may also find that has a paid support option which suits you as well, however, As i’m not part of, I don’t know what they can offer you.
    As to how to find such people, I can only suggest posting a job advert on or contacting a company listed on

    why should i pay for a consultant when all im doing is a first install
    of a brand new domainname with quickinstall of wordpress
    i am sure there are many smart people out there able and willing to get me over this point.
    plus if you dont want to help please dont comment.

    Moderator Dion Hulse


    Lead Developer

    Mate, I was just trying to help you understand the community here, and why there exists no tech line, and no-one willing to give you a number to call to get help.


    I been closed on 5 attemps
    I am 2 days old and cant save my general settings .

    Now is that good business.
    Jon kirby

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