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    I was very interested in this plugin, until I discovered that all the reasons you would want to use it are premium only. Whilst I can support and agree to developers charging good money for their work $9.90 per month for life is a god damn rip-off. If you were to install this plugin, and come to rely on it, you would see a steady flow of your cash leaving your pocket every year.

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  • Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin


    These are the features included in the free version:

  • client management
  • project management
  • shortcodes
  • password protection
  • photo proofing
  • client portal
  • non-destructive watermarking
  • bulk download
  • support
  • GDPR compliance
  • and more…
  • Not too bad for a completely free plugin, isn’t it? Thus, I cannot understand this rating.
    I also want to point out that we work really hard on the plugin’s quality and especially its security. Something most users do not see and take for granted. Unfortunately, no other comparable plugin we have examined provides any kind of security, somebody who can guess an images name will have access to it. PHMM in contrast enforces real access restrictions.

    Regarding the cost of $9.90 per month for the premium version: You do not have to use it, if you cannot afford it or just do not want to pay. But there is a real cost behind software development (and support). Also I do not really get the argument that

    see a steady flow of your cash leaving your pocket every year

    . In the subscription model we give you the option to bail out any given day. If you notice after 1 month that you do not want to use the plugin anymore, just cancel the subscription. Thus, we offer you the model ‘pay as you go, no commitments’.
    Regarding the price: $9.90 * 12 = $119/year which is the current market price for such a high quality software (in face we give you a huge discount for a yearly subscription).

    I hope this clears it up a little bit.



I agree with the review and think that your defensive response to any review that isn’t positive definitely makes people not want to buy it.

The reality is, that yeah, for a photographer, knowing that you pay even $10.00 a month for life for this is something that no one is particularly interested in unless they’re rich and making a ton of money. Yes you have to eat. But as photographers, we also have to eat. We charge a 1 time fee for our services and don’t keep charging our clients to have their pictures for life.

The theme that I use for instance for my website is a ONE TIME fee. $150 for the theme and thats it! Its something people will consider. I am or was looking between this plugin and another. But really, I am not interested in an addition $119 a year on top of all of my other things that I pay to run my business. Its just an opinion and there isn’t a ton of room for your negative responses to even negative review I have seen. Its honestly part of the reason while I might go to Picu instead. They do the same thing financially but it IS a tid bit cheaper.



I can’t agree with your reply on the price. Are you saying that your software compares to Photoshop/Lightroom CC for photographers for the same monthly payment? I don’t think so.

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