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  1. kirk86
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys, i have recently created a plugin wich displays some tabular data
    and users can do inline editing. So far so good, so i decided to add a pagination class which does what is suppossed to do. Now the problem is this, my plugin shows up at the settings section and when you click it in the url you go to options-general.php?page=1 -> here in this page i display my tabular data with the pagination. Now when i click on another page in the url shows up options-general.php?page=2&ipp=10 and then i get the following message you don't have sufficient permissions to access this page. I haven't done any update nor i have changed anything in may database. Any suggestions would be more than apprecciated. Pls anybody can help????

    Thank you all in advance.
    Take care and happy holidays.

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