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  • Addthis acts like a virus to your site you cannot remove it!!!. ALSO DONT add it to your browser! It installs useless smilies that conflict with every single text field you might want to write in!!!!

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  • @rabbisteve:

    AddThis is an open plugin hosted in WordPress plugin repo after audit. The codebase is open and any one can verify it. There is nothing in it prevents uninstall process. It wont install smiles or anything like that.

    @srijith.v You can say that allyou like. I am planning on complaing to wordpress to have this vicious aggressive, plugin removed. After hours and having uinitalled the plug the floating adme still wont go away.

    Floating ‘adme’ is not a part of AddThis plugin. I would request you to double check your other plugins/widgets.

    As a responsible plugin developer, we would like to clarify few things that will make it easier for us to help you out:

    1. Are you seeing any of AddThis plugins in your blog’s plugins page?
    2. Is it being listed even after the plugin was removed?
    3. If none of the AddThis plugins are not listed in the installed and active plugins tab, are you still seeing “AddThis” buttons in the site? If so, can you share your blog link?

    If #3 is your case, it can be due to the addition of AddThis JS code directly into your theme (by your theme developer may be) or in any other plugin. Also check the Widgets to see if you have placed any AddThis code there.

    It will be much easier for us to resolve the issue if you can provide a link to the page which is having the issue.

    We assure you that AddThis plugins won’t install spam/virus scripts or do anything malicious like preventing you from uninstalling or installing smileys in the text box.

    Hi, I upgraded to twenty fourteen theme and your addme virus still appears and blocks veiwers from seeing my website. IN twenty thirteen it always happens with 2014 it is hidden behind the left bar. When you increase the screen size with ctrl + several times your virus addme appears. see

    I have utterly uninstalled it by first deactivating , then deleteing it.

    Please folks from the wordpress download plugins remove addme from your list as it is terribly aggressive!!!!

    Still waiting ????

    @rabbisteve: We have verified it’s not occuring in 2014 theme. You might have added the code through any custom scripts or as a part of any other plugin. If you have a dev/qa server which we can log into, I can verify and check the issue.

    This happened yesterday,

    I still view addthis as the culprit. I grep ‘ed -R from a shell the whole wordpress installation. I found that the
    Facebook likebox widget had “plusone” which I had found useing Chromes developer tool showed me that plusone was the name of the offensive element

    Removing the following option from Facebook likebox widget

    Google+, Twitter, Pinterest Floating Buttons Integration
    Powered By

    Enable Other Social Buttons:

    Choose Vertical Floating Style:

    AddThis Pub Id:

    When I Disabled this in the widgets the issue went away. Your product is still abussive and you encourage your smaller distributors to use its aggressive abilities.

    Your other products are also even worse. It took me a half hour per browser to remove your addthis addon which also installed smileys that DONT even work on Chrome on LInux.

    Oh my god…I think I fixed it…and is has nothing to do with AddThis!

    Okay, so here’s the deal…I’ve been trying for a month to get rid of the bar that floats on the left side of my SimplySmartDinnerPlans ( website….to no avail.

    I deleted every reference to AddThis, and the AddThis plug-in I could find, I changed my cache plug-in, even changed my theme…everything that anyone even remotely suggested might work…nothing did.

    Then…today…I was cleaning up and reorganizing some of my widgets, and I found it! I’ve done a step-by-step with photos on my blog.

    Hope this helps!

    Deleting the AddThis Floating Link Bar – a Solution!


    I can’t remove Addthis!! It is a virus! I have an eCommerce site and it installed competitor pop-ups on my product pages. When a client views one of my products a row of competitors products show (with a caption – you may like these) and clicking on them takes them off my website to the competitor. I never agreed to any of this – nor would I ever.

    I sent five messages requesting help to Addthis (including emails to corporate) and they will not respond telling me how to remove it. I added it as a plugin and now the plugin does not show to remove it yet it persists on every post and page and has embedded itself into the php code. I don’t know enough to remove it as I try and it breaks the page or post. WordPress should not allow such a plugin!

    I scoured the internet and most every remedy Addthis gives does not work and I find their answers very vague. I also see others with the dame issue of removal. They clearly do not want it removed once it is installed.

    Can anyone help?

    I guess letting off some steam above helped. I found how to remove it as it embedded itself into the theme I installed (it did not come with the theme). I thought to look in the footer code. I found it there and deleted the Addthis code and it’s gone from my website – yeah! I will never use Addthis again.

    This is what I removed from my footer:

    <!– AddThis Smart Layers BEGIN –>
    <!– Go to to customize –>
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//″></script>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    ‘theme’ : ‘transparent’,
    ‘share’ : {
    ‘position’ : ‘left’,
    ‘numPreferredServices’ : 5
    ‘whatsnext’ : {},
    ‘recommended’ : {}
    <!– AddThis Smart Layers END –>

    Thanks for the support!

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