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  • Thanks for the support! I’ve had the same problem without having Multisite options (I think so, I’m a WP novice). FYI, the suggestion to change permalinks helped with the file upload too, I’m no longer receiving the error message (v 2.0.14).



    I’m having the same exact problem as wildwestriverrider and NWTD.

    It is beyond annoying that you pushed out an update that would (knowingly?) break functionality for every user with a multisite install.

    I bought the pro version to help support you guys, but you really need to take a look your development process because it appears to be an arbitrary mess at this point.

    For now, we’re unable to do site updates because you’ve effectively disabled our ability to add images to galleries, and that’s a BIG problem….

    Glad I read this thread first. Was planning on upgrading to the Pro Version for another clients Multisite WP.

    Just tested on Multisite and same issue. When trying to upload images get “You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.”

    Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    We are planning to release a public beta version very, very soon that has been correcting many of the instances of this error.

    Keep an eye on this page:

    If all goes well with testing we will be rolling these fixes into our next stable release early next week.

    – Cais.

    Feedback – not good.

    Deactivated v2.0.17 and then deleted it.

    Installed NextGen Gallery v2.0.18Beta from the link above.

    Selected “Add Gallery/Images” from the Gallery menu (with Photocrati icon).

    The page came up and still got “You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.”

    Mac 10.6, WP3.6, LocalHost

    More info – fwiw.

    Flash: confirmed most recent version installed (
    Silverlight: dowloaded and installed current version again
    HTML5 support: Firefox 23.0.1 achieved 414 points out of 500 (
    HTML4 support: could not confirm

    Uploaded NextGen version 2.0.11 .zip file via NG after reading Dan_Power’s post above. Same results.

    Cleaned out NG from file, rebooted the software and uploaded NG v2.0.18Beta .zip file via NG. Same results.


    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hey everyone: Most cases we’ve seen of this error message have been from people using multisite installations. We believe we’ve resolved it for those cases. The fix is in our latest beta (2.0.18) here:

    If you are comfortable updating your plugins files manually via FTP, you can go ahead an update. That beta also comes with a whole range of other fixes for multisite. Thanks.


    Not using Multisite. Updated to 2.0.18. Same error message.

    I am also not using Multisite. I updated to 2.0.18 this morning, and I am still getting this error message.

    Any solution to this yet? I’m not using Multisite or any other plugins and I’m using the most recent version of NextGen. A gallery plugin isn’t much use if images can’t be added to it

    It is working again now. Only ting that I can think that could have fixed it in my situation was updating twenty twelve and thirteen. I’m using a custom theme so not sure how that would effect anything but that seemed to make it work for me so hopefully that will help others.

    i have used the beta version but i still facing this problem.

    Have you guys worked for you??

    The update to 2.0.18 resolved my multisite issue for uploads. Thank you.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Please note, if you are still experiencing this error after testing the latest beta version with the Multisite fixes (2.0.18) or a newer stable version we would greatly appreciate it if you would submit a Bug Report on this issue.

    Please note if you are seeing this specific issue after checking for any plugin/theme conflicts and insuring all of your active items are also up=to=date. Please also note if this is a persistent Multisite issue or if you are seeing this on a standard installation of WordPress.

    Bug Report:

    We may need to get behind the scenes on your site so please also consider including log in details for your WordPress installation for our support team / developers to use in the Bug Report details.


    – Cais.


    I’m running WordPress 3.6 Multisite and NextGen Gallery 2.0.17 and was also having this same issue (You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support).

    I’ve replaced my current version (2.0.17) with the latest beta (2.0.18) and confirm that the issue has been resolved.

    Thank you 🙂

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