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    After upgrading to wordpress 3.9, when I go to add gallery/image in nextgen 2.0, I am all of a sudden getting this, cross browser.

    You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.

    Have tried disabling and re-enabling nextgen alone and then all plugins, but no luck.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

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  • I am still here if anybody has any hints!

    Have followed all the threads in the forum on the same subject from a few months ago but nothing that has helped me so far…

    I have exact the same problem … with Chrome & Firefox the same thing.

    Please help, i need it.

    Yup, it’s cross browser. I am using the graphene theme, wordpress 3.9, nextgen 2.0, various plug-ins which I can list as and when.

    @ mummihuhn, what are your specs?

    There is a cumbersome work-around for now, of ftping image folders, exactly named, to your server (say your uploads folder in wp-content) and then using the folder uploader in add images/gallery in nextgen, which does still work. This will create a new gallery for you and you can copy and move files from there to existing galleries. Once uploaded, you can delete the folder from your server, but it would drive you mad if you had to do it forever!

    I am guessing easter and the weekend mean the experts will be back around in the forums on either Monday (though that’s a bank holiday for many) or Tuesday…

    Let’s add on to the list…

    Can also no longer set nextgen featured image from page. It is there but almost greyed out and if you click on the letterbox section to choose a gallery, it simply closes itself.

    I have exact the same problem, both with Firefox and Chrome 🙁

    omg what happend to ng the last 3 months 🙁

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @danbailan – We had seen issues with the Graphene theme in the past but had also believed them to be sorted out … this may be a hold-over on those items.

    Also, just to clarify, when you deactivated all of your plugins, switched to a default WordPress Twenty series theme and then reactivated NextGEN Gallery only, these issues persisted when tested under these baseline conditions?

    – Cais.

    Hi Cais,

    Thanks for getting back to me – I can confirm that baseline condition tested and still the browser does not have flash etc. Did you alo notice that I added using set nextgenas featured image has stopped working too.

    I have used grapehene with nextgen for over a year with no probs.

    I first noticed these problems after updating to wordpress 3.9

    I did install breadcrumbs navxt recently, which asks to modify settings?

    Can supply full list of plugin-ins or log in details for your team as required.

    Same problem here. Nexcellent gallery has problem with flash too since WP 3.9 update.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @spitd1 – You would probably be best to start your own topic for NextGEN Gallery related issues, and obviously another topic for the other plugin author for the issues you are seeing with that plugin, too.

    @danbailan – It might be best for you to submit a Bug Report ( … please reference this topic) with your site specifics.

    We will need log in and FTP credentials for your WordPress installation as well, please include those with your Bug Report.


    – Cais.

    I’ll do that in the next couple of days, thanks Cais.

    I am getting round the problem with ftp and upload folder for new galleries and with existing galleries, ftp direct to the existing gallery folder, scan for new images within the gallery which adds it and creates thumbnails – it works very well.

    What you have to be careful to do is name the files etc exactly before the process starts and maybe also use a photo editing program to change the image date, as the scan does not use today’s, but from the photo meta data – for me not a problem, but maybe important for others.


    Are you using 2.0.61 ? I was using 2.0.40 and I was getting that error when I updated to 3.9 . I have other issues now though with this update but nextgen is pretty useless without a functioning upload as I don’t want to give everyone else ftp access just to upload images.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @danbailan – Thanks for the additional work-around data and the import functionality tip as it is doing what is expected in your case.

    – Cais.

    A similar gallery plugin (Gmedia, which incorporates flash) is generating a similar error message only since 3.9 (“You [sic] browser doesn’t have Flash or HTML5 support”).

    I would like to try NextGen precisely because it does not incorporate flash; at least that is how I understand the explanation:

    “Are the galleries flash based? No, NextGEN Gallery uses Javascript (J-Query) based displays.”

    But I am now apprehensive I will get the same error as in this thread for the same unknown reason.

    My question: If NextGen does not use flash, then why is it generating a flash-support error message? Perhaps I don’t understand how NextGen operates.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @kosis – Interesting question and one that would likely have served better as its own topic but essentially NextGEN Gallery has a cascading fallback effect for uploading starting with HTML5 and working through what is available from the end-user’s browser.

    If you would like more information, please feel free to start a new topic on this … or any other question or concern you may have.


    – Cais.

    @cais – Thanks so much for the swift response.

    I fear a new topic about how NextGEN works (if that’s what you mean) would be a bit beyond me.

    But I thought my other point was the topic here, namely, why this particular error message is being generated in the first place. My question merely focuses on the peculiar fact that NextGEN does not use flash in any case.

    BTW: The ftp workaround suggested above is essentially the same as those suggested for the Gmedia gallery, i.e., not permanent solutions.

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