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  • I recently started up my first marketed blog site with wordpress and was curious as to what you think about it so far.

    Is there anything you think needs adjusting, added, or removed?

    If you were to visit this site, would you return and/or subscribe to keep up on it?

    Is it valuable enough to recommend to a friend who’s learning an instrument?

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  • I really like the theme – easy to read and classy.
    Good luck – I will recommend it to a couple of folks just learning guitar.

    Hey thanks alot.

    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for twists or more unique kinds of topics with this subject, feel free to throw them my way.


    I think you did a great job ! I’m still learning all the html editing for my Site( Cash Solutions ) / and blog !
    If you can get into affiliates on your site that sell music related items it could help you in the long run , and give views something to go for after reading . Not trying to spam , but check out my sites Tested sites Page you’ll find an affilate marketer there that can help with you side Income !

    Thanks ,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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