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  • I just started the WP-blog. Im especially interested at your opinion for “clear reading” and the fontsize (I used 1em for the main entries), because you have different monitors and so on.
    Please be so kind and give me a little feedback – thank you!

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  • I like it.
    For me the font size is just like one size too big, but that’s me 🙂
    did you want your calendar, right over the border as opposed to in th border.
    I can’t read german either (well…a few words only) but it’s nice!

    It sure makes for clear reading and the font size is okay, but could be a tad smaller.
    Adding a good image header, and changing the colors from the drab olive would be an immense improvement, I guess, but thats just my sense of color speaking.
    Great Job.

    I’m so glad about all your comments and feedback! Thank you so much – it is great help! So I tried to hear on your advices 🙂
    a) Cena – the picture in the left corner is from a cover of a booklet-series of the 40th. If you like such things, than maybe you like my little flashfile at this page: There was an american comic-serie in the 40th with the title “women in crime” 🙂
    b) Lilandra: yes fotn-size is now smaller. And it was a very good hint with the calendar – in my IE it looked okay, but in Mozilla I saw it was out of the column.
    c) 2fargon: it is right, many blogs have the olive-color – so I changed it to grey-blue. Maybe I’ll find a good picture for the header line.
    Let me know, if you have any idea for further improvements!
    Thank you again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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