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  • Hi,
    I just did a search and exits this error: “You are forwarding requests too quickly, please try again” I reinstalled the plugin with new Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key but always the same problem, I do one search and gives me error “.. requests too quickly .. “can you help me to understand?
    Thank you

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  • now a fun! I did not make any changes

    Seriously how do you solve this? I can’t search products because of this error.

    Check how quickly your application is submitting requests.

    If your application is submitting requests faster than once per second per IP address, you may receive error messages from the Product Advertising API until you decrease the rate of your requests.

    Does a site page load of an article containing one or more product shortcodes result in one or more API requests? Please respond, it may help me understand why my application does many requests per second, having a lot of articles with a lot of product’s shortcodes.

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    What is happening is Amazon denies API access to accounts without sales in the last 30 days.

    Refer to this page for more information

    And also, the plugin seems to make lots of calls and collapse the API. I have sales in the last 30 days, and still it doesn’t work.

    And yeah, each shortcode in your post is an API call.

    This just crashed my site. My hosts found this in the logfiles;

    [11-Mar-2019 17:20:41 UTC] <h4>You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate. For more information, see Efficiency Guidelines.</h4>

    Good grief. I’m in the US, UK and Canada marketplaces. US and UK are okay, but Canada struggles. So I’ve removed it entirely from my plugin and hope that’s the issue resolved.

    Throttling the API is fine. Crashing the site is not fine.

    You would think one sale in 30 days from any market would be fine but forcing a sale in each new market a month is a big challenge for a wee content blog. This strikes me as odd as I thought the longtail of content blogs is exactly the market Amazon would want to serve with their plugin.

    I have several sites running this plugin making sales and they are all now missing affiliate links since this error started. I think for now the best option is going through and replacing product links with the Stripe browser add on, not really ideal as this will take me some time but right now I’m just losing sales with no links. Hopefully this gets resolved soon as it “was” a solid plugin, now it’s just useless!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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