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  • Since installation of WP SEO, Ventvox header displays website name multiple times. Also, I can not find website in any of the search engines as other sites populate search requests. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Look in the Themes header.php file and check the title meta-tags, some themes use non-standard tags and that breaks the Theme.

    It’s a pain and you can try and force re-writes or create a child theme to change the header.php.

    Yoast has a small bit of info in the plug-in about this.

    We edited the header, which I believe has corrected the double title.

    However, I am not clear on how to make the site populate on search engines. Does the plug-in you refer to help with this?


    A plug-in can aid with SEO, but a site has to be built with SEO in mind. SEO is a multi-faceted topic, from intelligently marking up your copy text, to properly naming, tagging and titling your images.

    The structure of your pages is also important to aid the bot around your site. The best way to visualise this is to switch off the stylesheets and you will see what a ‘bot sees.

    The key thing to note is what makes a site popular in the search engines is content, semantically correct content to be precise. I’ve seen high ranking sites that have rubbish designs but great mark up under the hood.

    WP SEO helps partially with this but it’s not a single click fix, no plug-in can do this. It’s the best on the market at present, and it’s increased footfall on the sites I managed over the traditional favourite AIO.

    I checked the header and deleted some code but this still did not fix the problem. Also, I can’t seem to directly find my webpage or ventvox in a google search. It pulls a lot of junk sites up instead.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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