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  • Yes! I’ve changed the header.php to have the correct <TITLE> area.

    I have 9 sites with this plug in and they are all the same. Only on one it’s not working like the others. Header.php is the same. Settings are the same, reset to default and force rewrite dose nothing to this one site.

    I have on the 8 other sites PAGE | SITE NAME just the way I want it.

    But on one I get PAGE | SITE NAMESITE NAME from what I can tell they are the same. Obviously I’m missing something or I broke something

    lol, I’m going a little crazy here checking and double checking everything. But it’s just not working on one site. I’ve looked up all the threads but I haven’t see this problem addressed.

    A file compare shows that working header.php is exactly the same as non working header.php..

    <title><?php wp_title('|'); ?></title>

    Anything I can check or advice would be awesome.


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  • Some more info and background.

    let’s say the site name is XYZ set in the Settings / General / Site Title and it has a static homepage. On that page the SEO title is set by hand as XYZ | Parent Company

    But when served it comes out XYZ | Parent CompanyXYZ

    On pages like BLOG it’s BLOG | XYZXYZ cause of the Pages Post Type template %%title%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%

    But, as you can see it’s adding the site name again. Not ignoring it like it should.

    If I change the site name to XYz the BLOG would be BLOG | XYzXYz and on the home page cause it’s set by hand.. XYZ | Parent CompanyXYz

    I added as %%sept%% to the Page Post Type Template and it came out like this. BLOG | XYZ |XYZ So it’s not that the %%sitename%% is incorrect.

    That last part should be ignored or something. Thanks..

    Solved this by going to SEO> POST TYPES> and replacing title template with – %%title%% or %%title%%-

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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