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    I updated 3 plugins 3 days ago and suddenly my site had multiple pages that all suddenly redirected to the homepage. I restored the site to a previous version and that fixed it. Today, I enabled the updates one by one because I suspected the Yoast plugin was causing the problem. I had no unexpected redirects until updating Yoast, and now I do. Since I figured a plugin was causing the problem, I was prepared and rolled it back to 4.2.1, but it didn’t fix the problem. Unfortunately, deactivating the plugin didn’t help either, so I’m thinking it is writing something to .htaccess that is causing the problem. I don’t know how diagnose it further, and other than yet another restore, I don’t know how to fix it.

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    This is happening with only (but all) top level pages (not posts), if that helps narrow it down.



    I’ve narrowed it down to something in the WP database that happens when Yoast SEO updates. I restored the site files via WHM and it didn’t fix the problem, but restoring files and MySQL fixes it. Would really like to be able to update, though, so if anyone could weigh in on what in the update would cause a MySQL data change that affects redirection of top level pages, I would appreciate it.

    There’s definitely something up with the update as we’ve noticed that every time we publish a news article, our backend slows down and then our front end begins to do the same.

    We have the Premium version which has been really buggy with last 2 updates but when we downgrade to the free version, everything works amazing. It seems to making a lot of calls somewhere but we just can’t figure out where.

    Note – I’ve seen the prior Pro version slow down the back-end as well; the latest update seems to have addressed that.

    For dbase — what we do here is after any Yoast update

    a) resave permalinks
    b) delete all transients with WP-Optimize plugin.

    This has been our standard practice since YOAST launched; and seems to work to reset some funky dbase stuff.



    Thanks, neotrope. I did resave permalinks when I was troubleshooting as I was just sure that would fix it, but no joy. I don’t know what you mean by “delete all transients with WP-Optimize plugin, but I’ll check it out.

    for a Premium plugin it seems we’re having to do some weird extra work for it now. we did the Permalinks and rank the Optimize but still after each article published the slowdown begins.

    we did notice that if we uncheck the show links and prominent keywords, the problems go away, but that is actually the only reason why we bought the upgrade.

    it’s just odd that the free version works perfectly and I keep explaining to their support team that after 8 hours investigating we pinpointed exactly where the problem is. It’s just the last 2 updates in the premium stuff.

    The fact that its happening to others in exactly the same way should tell them something. Never had any issues with the plugin either and we’ve had it since it was called WordPress SEO back in 2010 or 2011.



    Saw a new update today (4.2.4) and installed it hoping that it would solve the redirect problem. Nope. Just had to restore AGAIN to 4.2.1. Yoast, where are you? Why is this happening?

    Yeah, it’s so bizarre how things have gone so awry.

    Now, I have to use this version of the plugin over the premium one since the premium one causes our news site to slow to a crawl. Older versions work great of this. We had our host server (Liquid Web) spend literally over 20 hours figuring out what was going on and it’s the plugin.

    First time this has ever happened with this one, and usually Yoast is real quick with fixes that last. Hopefully this doesn’t get like that W3 Total Cache where it became so popular, it got too unwieldy for many users.

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