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    Hello I have an SEO related question – thank you in anticipation of any help you can give….

    First, I do understand that search engines (Google, anyway) ignores “stop words” in page titles… (and URLS?)

    Currently I am working on a Word Press web site (with YOAST plug-in) – and my goal is to get a decent ranking for Sesame Oil and its health benefits.

    Anyway, if I create a page with the title “Sesame Oil is Good For You”

    WordPress will generate the page with this URL

    If I then use the expression “Sesame Oil is Good For You” as the YOAST “Focus Word / Phrase” –

    …YOAST will “mark me down” because the Focus Word / Phrase is not present in the page URL

    So I am left wondering, what is best?

    1) To manually change the page URL from to:

    (So that YOAST is “more satisfied – the focus phrase is now in the page URL and we got green ink yay! – Or)

    2) Keep stop words out of the page URL

      at all costs?

    (or this particular cost, anyway)

    Thank you again for any help or advice!


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  • The stop words aren’t a problem, they just aren’t counted towards any SEO scoring. If it was me I would (and have done in the past before) use /sesame-oil-is-good-for-you/ as the page URL. It’s just so much more meaningful for real people, and that is one of the things that wins out over pure SEO practices for me.

    I can’t disagree with you – that’s the way I’m going, thank you.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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