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  • as written in the tutorial at yoast seo site:

    There’s a bunch of variables you can use in the titles and meta description, they’re all listed and explained on the bottom of the settings page.

    Call me dumb, but I can´t find them in any of the Yoast setting pages, I’m using Version 1.4.18 on a multisite environment.
    Is there such a list elsewhere?

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  • Me too this list was always under the tab calle ‘help’ (Titles & Metas menu there you will see now last tab is ‘other’ Help has gone, It used to be last one was help that had these codes to use the: %% variables) now there is no sign of help tab or indeed where the various yoast seo %% variables list now is!

    I use latest version of the plugin1 4.18

    on 5 sites we have same issue Hmmm,
    anyone please ideas where they NOW are and to be found or even have a list I can use and copy

    JenynGold, I’m happy not to be the only one 🙂
    I guess, because of this, we can have our voices heard ( it can be difficult sometimes trough the forums)
    Let’s hope for some feedback from the plugin author, or if someone is having that list, to support us!

    Andrebalza, thanks for replying, yes I also raised a new thread post earlier today on the specific issue as well…how can something so er obvious not be spotted by the developer wow!

    Indeed I checked and lots of friends say same thing going on for them using this!
    When you don’t have a clue what to use now for the: %% variables and hence can’t even now USE the plugin it makes you want to pull your hair out!

    Please fix this or lets have the the: %% variables list please somone out there!



    wow, you’re right. I can’t do it either.



    You are not alone, i dont know he removed the help tab, now am stuck configuring my blog




    The list is still there 😉 It’s the article on Yoast’s site that needs updating.

    The old “Help” information is now displayed using the WP native method which actually makes it easier as you don’t have to switch between the tabs to look up a variable, but can just keep the help tab open while you update your settings.

    If you are unfamiliar with the WP native Help: See that little grey “Help” square at the top right of your admin screen ? Just under the admin bar ? Click on it 😉 It’s available on most native WP pages and some plugins – like WP SEO – will use it too.

    If this answers your question, please mark this topic resolved.



    JRF thanks for replying….

    I saw the help tab the only two things when clicked showing for me are:
    Title optimization
    Why google won’t dispaly the right page title

    the latter info page ( it took me mentioned some info on strucure of %% variables though nothing like the orginal list as far as I can see?
    Sorry I am new to all this and codes…Or is is this everything one would need mentioned on his blog link above to cover all tabs on seo yoast when needing to set %% variables I am likely going to want?

    Thanks Jenny



    I replied in the other thread. The info is all there.



    I initially went looking for the variables list to try and fix a problem where the parent page title was no longer showing. Having found the list (thanks jrf) it seems like some of them are no longer in use. I had one called %%parent_title_sep%% in place, is this deprecated? Is there no way to include the parent page name now?



    @zanthony, I’ve checked the source as for back as v1.2.8.3 and I can’t find that variable anywhere.
    Might this have been a custom variable you filtered via your (child-)theme’s functions.php file ?

    For a list of variables for Yoast SEO, click the Help drop-down at the very top right of your screen in wp-admin, when you’re in the yoast plugin area.

    When you drop down the help menu, you’ll see the tabs for basic and advanced variables. I’m new to this awesome plugin, but could be that it was relocated in a new version of the plugin or new version of WordPress.

    Hello can you suggest other formats to show text in line by line.(4 lines poem or sms)
    %%excerpt%% is showing continue text in meta description or while sharing post to facebook.

    WordPress SEO titles and metas variables – if anyone else is lazy like me and just wants a list, I’ve compiled one.

    I had the same question and Google brought me here. I followed @team6‘s advice and found the titles & meta variables in Help section. Thanks for the tip, @team6.

    Happy SEOing!

    Hey Kelly Thanks for variable list.
    But my question is post should be look like same as showing in website. while i am using %%excerpt%% its coming in continue line & its not showing description like below,

    & want to use like that for facebook like button so when someone like post should go to wall as it is. any other ideas?
    check my site here:

    hi, my WP theme use custom variables in permalink as %city% and %customcategory%

    somehow for add this variables to Yoast Seo Title template?


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