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    I only received update 3.0.1 today. Upon updating, I have NO meta description or keyword etc! I cannot highlight a word and insert a link as when I do the insert link button does not open AND it causes my post to freeze/cannot use scroll bar. I have to go out of post and back into post to see a scroll bar. Text button will not open either!

    This update has caused havoc for me. Some people are saying they received 2 updates today; one before this 3.0.1 and then the 3.0.1..I did not receive an update prior to 3.0.1. Your button to fetch does not work either, it gives an error.

    Is there going to be an update to fix this error? Other users I am in contact with are having this kind of trouble too.

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  • It works on firefox, but not chrome. The interface is different too. I prefer the old style.

    I did not receive an update prior to 3.0.1.

    Update 3.0 was released earlier, and then 3.0.1 soon after. If you missed 3.0 then you merely updated from your version (probably 2.3.5) to 3.0.1 directly. There is nothing wrong with that.

    Some useful advice about the update can be found here, particularly the step of clearing the cache.

    okay nothing wrong with that..updating to 3.0.1 since that is all I got. I saw facebook group stating that there was an earlier version with bugs and 3.0.1 was supposed to fix it is where I was coming from. At any rate, the plugin update 3.0.1 does not work.

    Try clearing your browser cache. If that doesn’t help follow the advice here to roll back to version 2.3.5.

    In Chrome (latest) Yoast SEO is showing the following error in the console

    I believe this is also mentioned on GitHub:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: wpseoMetaboxL10n is not defined

    What natscentral said.

    Site feels sluggish now since update as well.. errors with various txt boxes and the like.. got a script error “updating posts to new algorithm” still don’t know if it’s completed..
    Overall a bad update that just fixes what wasn’t broken IMO.

    Thanks for the tips and tricks to try to fix. I cleared my browser several times already, so that is a no-go. I am not tech savy and will not be able to do a rollback or go into my folder and rename etc. Sounds like there is NO update coming for those of us it did not work for if we have to jump through hoops to get it to work.

    I am checking if there is a plugin conflict and found 2 plugins that when deactivated, then the Yoast Update works, but I need those plugins. One is the Redux Framework and the other is a paid for plugin called Architect and they work hand in hand, plus there was no conflict before.

    Hey Sue

    I rolled back using backup but just found out an easier way. Install the WP Rollback plugin. It adds a rollback button beside each plugin.

    Hope it helps

    Plugin Author Taco Verdonschot


    @sue, if you have the Redux Framework and the Architect plugin active, is there an error in the console?
    And what happens if you disable just one of those two plugins?

    Please read this post:

    We had similar problems which went away with all cache clears.

    Yoast SEO now works.

    Its all gone horribly wrong 🙁

    I get things like “no keyword in H2 tags” when its clearly there. Keyword density is 0% when it is mentioned 4 times.

    Hope its all fixed soon.

    @taco Verdo – If I have the Redux Framework and the Architect plugin active, is there an error in the console? – NO

    If I disable just one of the plugins, then the Content panel is finally visible; however it is not reading my “Focus Keyword” and/or does not read it in my URL and/or thinks my keyword is a stop word. Also with just one of them disabled, I can highlight and add a link and the Text button works. It does not seem to make a difference which one I disable, they both seem to give the same result when disabled.

    I have cleared my browser cache multiple times. I have cleared the cache of my WP Super Cache.

    This morning I also found out that my categories were delivering a 404 not found so I went to settings and refreshed permalinks which cleared the 404 Error for categories. Also, this button to “Fetch the current status” DID NOT WORK.

    I did the latest update for this morning, and it did not work for me. Now, with one or the other 2 plugins Architect and Redux Framework disabled, instead of the update working and all my Yoast Content box appearing, it says “This is an example title” and my keyword is gone. so that does not even work now.

    Update 3.0.3 did not fix it either.

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