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    Many have asked IF we @ WordPress SEO Academy can ‘fix’ the Yoast Plugin to make it work better on their WP sites. Only the developer can do this IF it is a coding issue.

    Based on the TONS of issues which have been brought to our attention concerning the Plugin and having tested it ourselves, as a business owner and WP fanatic, we will no longer support or even tweak this plugin for clients.

    Although the earnings from this revenue stream have been good for our company – we can no longer continue to deal with the frustrations of Yoast clients who expect this plugin to work miracles for their sites.

    SEO isn’t like baseball caps where ‘one size fits all’ and plugins such as these are built on that philosophy. Although a competitor, we are forced to say Yoast as a company are GREAT with their manual SEO efforts but the plugin isn’t effective and having dealt with many clients, we’ve yet to run across any who have said “yeah – Yoast is directly responsible for high SERPS (home pages and posts).”

    For instance – a client of our showed a 97% SEO score with Yoast for their homepage yet the page never placed in the top 20 rankings on ANY engine. This wouldn’t have been an issue in a competitive keyword market with MILLIONS of searches, it is the nature of the beast and ranking well takes effort and time.

    This particular market was a JOKE with a meager 30,000 searches per month.To rank in the top 5 in this market could’ve been accomplished with a Slideshare page, let alone aged website.

    Our analysis showed the score to be around 32% and there were 4 major areas the plugin either isn’t programmed to deal with or ignored. The point – whether Yoast or other such ‘one size fits all’ solutions, it would behoove webmasters to learn WHAT needs to be done instead of handing over your businesses success to such a, and we are sorry to say, ineffective solution.

    We thank many in this forum for your business but as far as Yoast, SEOpressor and WPSeology plugins are concerned, we will no longer service any site which insists on keeping them installed as part of a site management plan. Now if a market leading SEO Firm such as SEOMOZ developed a plugin, we’d say by all means go for it.

    They haven’t and it is my guess that they won’t! They know, as do we, that although earnings will be great for several years, ultimately, reputation will be damaged because of ineffectiveness and it just isn’t worth it.

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  • So… Program your own SEO plugin if everything else out there sucks so much. Unless you want to continue slagging off everyone else’s work without contributing something yourself.

    Throughout your entire rant you fail to say WHY those plugins are so bad, and you offer no solutions as to how to fix the problems that you say are there. If you know the problems so well, then don’t sit there and complain – do something about it.

    Generally speaking, folks who rely SOLELY on plugins for their SEO would greatly disappointed.

    I would assume that developers of any SEO plugin has to deal with a 100x more why-does-SERP-still-suck complaints than thanks-for-the-plugin responses.

    Got to agree Gabe. Most people think that you install something and you’re guaranteed to be at the top for everything. If only there was a bit more education for the general masses rather then SEO firms trying to spout off their own wares.

    Chris Olbekson


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    What is the point of this thread? Are you just trying to discredit the plugin to sell your services or something? The plugin is not a one size fits all. Have you ever even used it?

    Your logic on how your judging the plugin has no merit what soever. Please state facts and give SPECIFIC examples to support your claims.

    Btw your domain name is in violation of the WordPress trademark and I though you were banned for spamming the forums? Why are you back.

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