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    Hello everyone,
    I am having a huge problem with my website. I have build it up from the scratch with Elementor. The plugin is great itself. But now I am trying to work on my SEO using Yoast SEO. Ane here is the whole problem. The pages don’t show in the wordpress, unless I click edit with wordpress and if I do I have my pages totaly “unscrambled” becuase the whole design which works well on Elementor is not seen by WordPress. To improve my SEO I need to be correcting pages in WordPress itself and in Elementor later on if I dont’ want to loose the design. Do I not understand something? What am I doing wrong? I am going like this back and forth again and again and to be honest I am fed up already. Is there any method I don’t know about? I am begging, somebody help me please.

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    Elementor works perfectly with Yoast. Try this guide:



    Just adding to this because the above link isn’t relevant and no one else on the internet appears to have addressed the issue.

    You can still edit your WordPress pages if you are using Elementor in terms of the various peripheral options such as Page Attributes and Featured Image. This also includes Yoast SEO. As long as you don’t click ‘Back to WordPress Editor’ or ‘Edit with Elementor’ you can tweak the SEO parameters, click WordPress’ ‘Update’ button and your Elementor page won’t be touched in terms of design.

    @joannalis84 – Elementor works with Yoast by default. It should automatically read your content widgets from the Elementor editor.

    I have run into issues where certain elements aren’t read by Yoast.

    I would highly recommend you put your SEO relevant content and headings in the Text Editor Elementor widget.

    Hope this helps.



    Hi Andy, I too have the same problem. did u find any solution for it?

    As long as you don’t click ‘Back to WordPress Editor’ or ‘Edit with Elementor’

    This topic is marked as resolved. I take it this is the answer above, as the link is not related to the question.

    But those two options mentioned in the above answer does not make sense. If you do not do one of those two, what is left? It is your only choices.

    Hi Tomkriek,

    I understand the confusion, but you can always work on Yoast Seo options, regardless if you use the Gutenberg blocks or Elementor.

    To see the options of the SEO plugin on each page, you only need to use the “edit page dashboard of WordPress” so not click on ” Edit with Elementor” of “edit with Gutenberg” if one uses that.

    Below that page ( if ofcourse the Yoast plugin is installed and active ) you will see the “YOAST SEO” tab. There you can fill in the relevant key words etc etc.

    Hope this helps?


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    Oh, my word! I feel so stupid! Thank you very much.

    I never looked lower than ‘Edit with Elementor’ When you look further down, all the Yoast features and functions are visible.

    Luckily my wife does not see this. I am always preaching to her, READ YOUR COMPLETE SCREEN!

    Haha, no problem, there are hidden that way ( in your defence )


    PS. I won’t tell your wife!



    How is this not a more popular topic??? Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but would anyone be so kind to outline their exact workflow step-by-step given these assumptions:
    1.) Theme: OceanWP
    2.) Page/Post content already completed using Elementor.
    3.) Yoast SEO plugin installed and activated, but all the SEO stuff using Yoast has not yet been completed.

    Pardon my confusion, but on one hand I’m hearing:
    a.) Andythreecoaching saying that only the peripheral sections such as Page attributes, excerpt, featured image can still be SEO optimized, but then he goes on to say, “As long as you don’t click ‘Back to WordPress Editor’ or ‘Edit with Elementor’ you can tweak the SEO parameters”
    b.) Matthewwoodward saying Yoast does read Elementor widget content but ensure the SEO relevant stuff is in the Elementor Text Editor widget.

    Basically, I’m totally confused by the answers above.

    Here is what I think I need to do, but I need someone to confirm:
    i.) For the page or post, click the “Edit” link to open the page/post editor from the WordPress dashboard. Not the “Edit with Elementor” link.
    ii.) Click the “Back to WordPress Editor” button at the top of the screen. This opens up the text editor within WordPress.
    iii.) Perform the necessary SEO work inside the text editor with advice from Yoast at the bottom of the edit screen.
    iv.) Once finished, click “Update” to save changes.

    If I do all that, will the Elementor page design elements remain unmolested? I’m going off to duplicate one of my page to test out the theory, but would love to know the best work flow.



    !!!WARNING!!! Do NOT attempt what I suggested above. Once you click on “Back to WordPress Editor” you are presented with a WARNING that states, “Please note that you are switching to WordPress default editor. Your current layout, design, and content might break.” If you select “Continue” anyway, it will destroy the Elementor construction on your page or post. Luckily I was able to easily restore from a backup (via Updraft Plus) I had created just beforehand. DON’T DO IT. I promise you.

    So again, I ask, what is the workflow since mine failed miserably?


    I’ve just stumbled upon the same issue, but there’s a solution.
    You can also see it, if you go back to the WordPress editing function, but nothing changes there. Then your page will not break.

    The data is automatically synchronized once a day. You can also start it manually by going the following way:

    Dashboard / Elementor / Tools

    On the General tab, click once on Refresh CSS and Synchronize on template.

    Now your data is also available for YoastSeo.

    Have fun working!

    Hello LogoLogics,
    I hope you are still seeing this threas because it is a little old but I’d like some clarification if you have a moment.
    You said…
    “To see the options of the SEO plugin on each page, you only need to use the “edit page dashboard of WordPress” so not click on ” Edit with Elementor” of “edit with Gutenberg” if one uses that. ”
    but I can’t see “edit page dashboard of WordPress” or something similar anywhere.
    Here is a screenshot (I hope!) of a page I have just opened as a test.
    I read above that I can’t click on ‘edit with elementor’ in the middle of the screen or on ‘back to WordPress Editor’ across the top.
    What am I missing? Where else is there to go?

    Hello windspeed,

    When I look at the screenshot, looks like the Gutenberg editor is still enabled?
    If you do not use the Gutenberg anyway, it might be a good idea to just disable it with this plugin:

    It will get less confusing if that one is gone.

    If you scroll down however, you should see the SEO settings there?
    You do have the SEO plugin installed right?


    I made a quick video and hope this makes it clear where to find it?

    * click on the square icon (full screen) right corner in video to enlarge it please.
    You only see that full screen icon after starting the video.

    Let me know if you have more questions!


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    Já tentei de várias maneiras e não deu certo. Já tentei até no codigo do elementor, mas ao salvar ele desmancha. Agora faço tudo no wordpress, imagens, conteúdo, tags, palavras chaves. Não faço a parte superior e o foot. Salvo no wordpress, copio o codigo HTML e coloco no elementor na opção aonde tem (VISUAL) E TEXTO, Jogo exatamente em TEXTO e pronto. O SEO do conteúdo, as TAGS. Foi assim que consegui.

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