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  • Hello. I recently installed the Yoast plugin and made all settings. But nothing works. I mean any setting that I did in Yoast not work. There is something blocking it.
    Let me give an example: when i create a new page or post and introduce options for Yoast SEO, it does not appear in the source code of the page and of course are not displayed anywhere. (I mean Meta tile or meta description). This is just an example, actually Yoast plugin does not work at all. I look in my hedear.php file and looks like this:
    ` <?php
    // html code of the header placed in top.php
    global $SMTheme, $return;
    } else {

    if ( isset($_POST[‘smt_layout’])&&$_POST[‘smt_layout’]!=$SMTheme->layout ) {
    $return[‘div’]=’#content .container’;

    if (!isset($_POST[‘smt_layout’])||$_POST[‘smt_layout’]!=$SMTheme->layout) {
    ?> <div id=”main_content”> <?php


    if ( isset($_POST[‘smt_layout’])&&$_POST[‘smt_layout’]==$SMTheme->layout ) {
    Can someone help me with this problem? Mention that i use Gamezone theme. Anyone hit this problem? My website adress is:

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  • I also use Yoast, you should go to Dashboard > SEO > General(tab) and check some checkboxes e.g.: Use meta keyword and save Changes. Also if you have any cache plugin you should clean all caches.

    I cleaned all chaches. It doesn’t work. I’m thinking that is a problem with my theme. I want to mention that when i check the “Force rewrite titles” my site go down. Thank you Gndx, but your response doesn’t help me.

    If your site breaks when you use that setting, it means that your theme is not going to be compatible with the Yoast plugin. I’d suggest trying another SEO plugin to see if that makes a difference.

    If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest asking Yoast for some support on the plugins support forum. He’s normally pretty helpful so it’s worth a try.

    If that doesn’t help I’d suggest looking for a theme that can work with that plugin. So far I haven’t found/made one that doesn’t, so it should be easy to find one that will work with it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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