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    Whenever I am deleting any tags, I am getting notifications that I should use redirect using the Yoast Premium. While I understand that there should be a notification for tag deletion recommending redirect, it will be easier if you can combine them into one single notification – you have deleted x tags, use Yoast Premium for auto redirect. I changed around 100 tags so I got 100 notifications which I had to delete manually.

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  • MariusG


    Hi @rahulroy79,

    If we’d show a notification when deleting multiple URLs at a time, then it wouldn’t be possible anymore to create individual redirects for each page.

    When a page gets deleted, a 301 redirect should be created to a new page where the content has been moved. It is unlikely that the content of 100 pages has all been moved to a single page, so that each of the old URLs would redirect to a single page.

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    But I am not using Yoast Premium so I can’t create a redirect with each notification. Also I am not using tag archives so they are of no use to me anyway. Only thing its creating is spam on my page.

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    We apologize for any inconvenience. The issue you are experiencing is a known bug and is planned to be fixed in Yoast SEO v7.9.

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    Plugin Support Michael Tiña


    Please keep posted for v7.9 of Yoast SEO for WordPress for this issue to be resolved. Thanks as well!

    No it’s not ! Annoying message is still there
    Make sure you don’t miss out on traffic! blah blah blah, maybe it is not 20 times but every time 1 time but it is still there
    I don’t want premium !!!!

    Is spamming our wordpress dashboard not enough for you ? You must no spam in our post or when we delete something ? can’t believe you people

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    Its better than before with only one for the tags but now for each deleted attribute there’s a separate notification.

    Plugin Support devnihil


    @haydrionrayel The bug report that was resolved is not to completely remove the notification, but rather to prevent it from showing the notification multiple times. As this was resolved in the 7.9 release we are marking this issue as resolved. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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