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  • After two years of daily use and testing I can honestly say the Yoast plugin is a red herring. The idea that Google will credit a blog or website if it has ‘quality content’, ‘proper titles’ and a host of other ‘rules’ is nonsense.

    Google continues to reward scrapper sites, and most hard working writers who play fair, will get squashed by Jon Doe and his spammy forum of copy/pasted links.

    Yoast is a nice idea, but in the wild west of Google, you are wasting your time.

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    So just to be clear… you’re reviewing Google’s practices and you’re expressing your frustration by leaving a 1 star review here for this plugin?

    @michellelund SEO is not only about positioning your site in Google, it’s also presenting your site in the results.

    Thanks to Yoast, I can present my post in 2 different ways :
    1. For the website (so my title fits in my theme)
    2. For Google (so people understand what the post is all about)

    You should change your stars, Yoast should be rewarded for offering this plugin for free and for updating it so regularly.

    Hi Jan the point is that I also have the same issue as Michelle : scrapers steal just a few lines and repost it on their (stupid) blogs. Point is you better add an author link to the content which helps a bit to fight them. On the other hand you need to check the noindex box for archives etc because it can add to the duplicate content problem. I have done this with my free slots info site and now it seems to be crawled more often.
    Once I have more time to write I will point the Google plus author account to it.
    Life is not perfect ; if you are living the perfect life consider the fact the Universe is not perfect either :-).

    Oh and the plugin is nice to have as it has an option to clean up the links in the (/)head.
    Also change the title do not leave it the same as the h1 header.
    I am a lazy person so I added the site name to it.
    After using the plugin for a while IMO it is worth a solid 4 stars.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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