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  • Yes, there’s actually a separate code that you need to use to track ecommerce stuff aside from the standard tracking code.

    Great, thanks mate!

    Hi guys,

    I use Yoast Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and Woocomerce at the same time. I am not able to see any ecommerce data.
    I know Yoast Google Analytics plugin do not support ecommerce tracking but does it prevent woocommerce to track ecommerce date?

    I don’t understand what you mean bheadrick by:

    Yes, there’s actually a separate code that you need to use to track ecommerce stuff aside from the standard tracking code.


    You mean you are using one Google Analytic profile for Yoast Google Analytics and another one for Woocommerce?

    Thanks for your help


    similar question:
    I have also Yoast and Woocommerce, in analytics I told to e-commerce tracking.
    In Yoast Analytics I set my UA-xxx.
    So my question is, will it be enough to go to woocommerce > settings > integration and tick the checkbox for “add e-commerce tracking to thank you page” or do I have to fulfill additional tasks like adding code somewhere?

    Nearby: I wonder how e-commerce tracking behaves, when I provide bank transfer for my customer. They will get a thank you page as well but may does not complete they payment ever. how would I undo this order in analytics…

    Thanks for hints

    now definitely, Yoast WordPress SEO does not track e-commerce within woocommerce, the relevant attributes are missing in the source code.

    Any idea / solution?

    I simply installed the Yoast SEO plugin, put the analytics code in the “Gooogle Analytics ID” field in the integration tab and ticked the box saying “add tracking code for e-commerce”.

    That’s all you need to do.


    Yoast WordPress SEO does not track ecommerce

    You mean Google Analytics for WordPress? (because Yoast WordPress Seo does not support Google Analytics, I think)
    @speldjavulen. I don’t understand your comment.
    Where did you put “add tracking code for e-commerce”?
    Yoast seo plugin you mean Google Analytics for WordPress?
    It will be good if you can explain your post again
    In my original post I was thinking about a conflict between Google Analytics for WordPress and Woocommerce and the fact that I am not able to track the ecommerce data.

    Sorry mate, yes I meant Google Analytics for WordPress. The tick box for adding the tracking code is in the integrations tab in Woocommerce settings. In the integration tab there is also a field for inserting you analytics tracking code.

    Ok Thanks. Not working for me. In the Woocommerce Integration tab I put “Add the tracking code in my thank you page”. But Still, No track of Ecommerce data on my “thank you” page.

    Pardon, yes, I meant the Yoast Google Analytics Plugin.
    I have both of Yoast SEO & Analytics Plugin.
    Today I accomplished a e-commerce conversion with google analytics.
    I did check the box in woocommerce integration tab which states something like “put the tracking code in footer…” beside it says as well “one do have not to do it when using a 3rd party tool”.
    I recognized doubled ga-code now in my pages source, one in the header where Yoast analytice places his code and one in the footer where woocommerce does. Gladly it does not track the conversion twice.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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