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  • Resolved jotten


    Yoast v3.0.3 does not fix the broken Visual Composer.

    We experience this issue on 2 websites we manage. If we deactivate Yoast, Visual Composer works without issues.

    WordPress 4.3.1
    Visual Composer 4.8.1
    Yoast 3.0.3

    The 2 websites ahve different themes (vLicense is one, and Indus is the other), and all other plugins are up to date.

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  • Enkidu


    I am having the same issue …



    I have a similar issue, tekst and visual editer crash on each page where a grafity form is placed. If I deactivate the plugins grafity forms or yoast SEO I can edit my pages again.

    Yoast SEO Versie: 3.0.3
    WordPress 4.3.1



    Same issue, I’m using Jupiter theme 4.4.2 and I cannot edit pages or posts with Visual Composer.

    WordPress 4.3.1
    Visual Composer 4.7.2
    Yoast 3.0.3



    Hello !

    Same problem for me.



    I got around this by disabling Yoast SEO, doing the update, then activating it.

    If you’ve already done the update, you might try disabling and activating Yoast SEO.

    Now both Visual Composer and Yoast SEO are working.



    Similar issue here, after updating to Yoast SEO 3 (currently using 3.0.6), VC background editor is broken. Some of the VC elements´ control popup shifted away and other VC elements cannot be edited at all (no control popup is appearing). Even long time ago edited pages cannot be properly edited.

    Disabling Yoast SEO does not solve the issue. Updating to VC 4.8.1 does neither.



    Have you considered rolling back?

    pixeldynamo, thank you and FYI: I tried to roll back upon your advice but without any change. Even if disabling Yoast SEO the issue persists.
    My site is running with WP 4.3.1, Jupiter theme 4.4.4, VC 4.7.4 and Yoast SEO 3.0.6. currently.

    To be clear about “broken Visual Composer”: When trying to edit any page with backend editor and if the page is two columns wide: I cannot edit some of the visual elements, mainly text boxes.

    I’m running The Voux Theme. The issue persists even after reverting back to Yoast 2.3.5, or deleting it.

    The only way VC works is by reverting to the 2015/2014 themes. I’ve tried clearing caches etc, disabling all plugins. Running out of ideas.

    We have been having the same issues with Yoast 3.0.6 breaking the Visual Composer for a site using the Medicenter WordPress theme running WordPress 4.4.This was brought to the attention of the theme developer almost 4 weeks ago. They have advised that we need to wait for Yoast to correct the issue. Deactivating the Yoast plugin does bring back the Visual Composer but of course we want to be able to use the plugin since we’ve spent all the time optimizing the site’s pages with it. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon as I’m sure there are a lot of others experiencing the same issues.



    Same here, as said by studio544.

    Yoast breaks Visual composer.

    Marc Feder


    Have you considered rolling back?

    Thank you pixeldynamo

    Between theme updates and Yoast plugin updates, we were able to get the Visual Composer working again a few months ago.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I think we know what’s causing this, we’ll have a fix for this tomorrow morning.

    Yoast still breaks Visual composer.

    3 updates and it still doesn’t work, yoast plugin must be desactivated for every publication…

    Please Joost do something, we all wait for this bug fix till 3 months, it’s long.

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