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  • Plugin Support Michael Tina


    Can you confirm you are using the latest versions of WordPress v4.9.7 and Yoast SEO for WordPress v7.9?

    Could you please try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies and see if this resolves the issue? You might also want to try a different browser, and disable any browser extensions if you have any.

    Otherwise, it could be a plugin or theme conflict. Can you try and gather as much information for us as possible? Please perform the following:

    1. Make sure the issue doesn’t persist when Yoast SEO is disabled.
    2. Check for conflicts.
    3. Check for JavaScript errors with your console.

    If you find any JavaScript errors related to Yoast SEO or if there is a conflict with a plugin or a theme, you can create a new GitHub issue for our developers. Please report the issue to a third party developer as well.

    If you didn’t find any conflicts or errors, we think the issue is specific to your site. We’d need to investigate further but are unable to do so on these forums. You can purchase Yoast SEO Premium and receive our Premium email support and we can help you further.

    I confirm I am using WordPress 4.9.7 and Yoast for WordPress 7.9

    I can confirm it is not a problem of the browser but of the website: I’ve tried with Firefox and Edge, and the problem presists. I manage another wordpress website with yoast, and on that website everything works fine!

    About the three points you suggest to try:
    1) If I disable Yoast, obviously I don’t see the yoast box under my posts anymore 😉
    3) As already written in my first post and as you can see from the screenshot of the website I’ve given, the console does not give any error

    Plugin Support Michael Tina


    We recommend performing the conflict check with the Health Check plugin, as it’ll allow you to go into troubleshooting/maintenance mode so you can switch to a default theme and disable all of your plugins without affecting the regular visitors of your website.

    Again, unfortunately, if there are no JS errors, the issue might be specific to your site. We’d need to investigate further but are unable to do so on these forums. You can purchase Yoast SEO Premium and receive our Premium email support and we can help you further.

    I’ve found it!!!!
    It was a conflict with the plugin “Enjoy Instagram”, maybe because I’ve not updated it in the last year…

    Deactivacting it, everything works!

    Thanks for your support!

    Plugin Support Michael Tina


    You’re welcome! We’re glad to hear you were able to find the conflicting plugin.

    Setting this thread to resolved.


    I am getting the same issue with the Yoast box being blank no snippet preview and not able to change Title or Description

    I have disabled all plugins and just enabled Yoast and it does not fix the issue

    Can you advise on this Health Check Plugin?

    What is it called exactly?

    Health Check is the exact name, and it really helped me with the troubleshooting function!

    Maybe you have a problem with the theme instead of a plugin?

    Disabled theme and changed to Twenty 17 and still the same, I have another site with the same setup and this one is fine.

    Very frustrating

    Is the other website on a different host? Or maybe using a different server configuration?

    same host, I pretty much run them in parallel, same theme

    Will sleep on it!

    Thanks for your input

    I have the same problem; blank Yoast meta box. WP 4.9.8 and Yoast Premium 7.9. Custom theme, but have been using Yoast with this theme for years and everything worked fine on version 7.8. Is it possible to downgrade in an easy way? You should add version download to MyYoast page.

    So the same as me, theme has been running for years with Yoast with no issues

    Did you find any resolution yet?

    I don’t know if I should log a separate thread for this issue?

    Check this topic:

    Console :
    Uncaught ReferenceError: yoastWebpackJsonp is not defined
    at wp-seo-replacevar-plugin-790.min.js?ver=7.9:1

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