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    I can’t find this anywhere. Seems all or nothing, everyone either has a problem with it working or not. Mine is intermittent.

    On some blog posts when I look at the Analysis, I will get the notice PROBLEMS with something like:

    The focus keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately. In the particular case I’m writing about the keyword is resolutions (and it is bolded by Yoast) and the first paragraph is:

    As the new year gets rolling to a full head of steam, I’m sure many resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. Of course, I know there are still plenty of you dedicated souls out there still holding true to your aspirations for 2018.

    Clearly, it is in the first paragraph.

    #2: No internal links appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.
    There are two external links and one internal link.

    #3: Readability: The text contains 4 consecutive sentences starting with the same word. Try to mix things up! I’ve read the post four times and I still can’t find the four sentences. This doesn’t speed things up. 🙂

    The first and last problem are clearly the most annoying. I also get “the keyword isn’t in the meta tag” when it is. Often, though it will not be in the title. Any ideas?

    PS the “HIGHLIGHT” in readability doesn’t work either. These are just tweaks though; I’m lovin’ the help and will probably go to PREMIUM.

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  • Tagomago


    I’m finding similar problems. I’m told the keyword isn’t in the post when it comes up 5 times, it’s not in a sub title when it is, not in the title and it is.

    Why does this happen? it is so frustrating and time consuming. I know I need Yoast SEO but is such hard work!

    Plugin Support devnihil


    Can you let us know if you are using a pagebuilder plugin such as Visual Composer, Site Origin, Beaver Builder etc to create your page’s content? The SEO and readability analysis features can sometimes not work correctly if you are using some kind of visual page builder, as they can cause the page’s content to not be accessible to the plugin due to it being created outside the functions of the standard WordPress page editor. We also have additional information about this issue at the following link:



    Many thanks, no I’m not using a page builder. I’ll look at the link you kindly provide.



    I have read the post but seeing as it’s from 2016 it’s not really very helpful. In it you state that the problem is being looked at! I have often had this problem but with the new version it is worse. I shall ignore the warnings.
    Many thanks.



    Tagomago: If you think that’s bad, you should try going on to Amazon’s Create Space (For self publishing). It has quite a few templates, how to’s and posts that offer all kinds of help in the “latest” information areas. From 2014. They even mention 2014 in an area where you upload to get pricing. Too busy buying Whole Foods I guess. LOL

    Plugin Support Michael Tina



    Were you able to confirm that there was some HTML code that appeared before the first paragraph of your actual content by switching from the visual to the text editor? If that’s the case, that is why the error was thrown. The issue is still open and the development team is finding a way to make sure that it doesn’t take the HTML content and consider it as the first paragraph.

    In any case, please feel free to ignore this warning if you are sure that the focus keyword indeed does appear in the first paragraph. Google will still be able to crawl and index the content in any case.



    Many thanks Michael, no, no HTML code just my first paragraph.
    No worries, now I know more I’ll just ignore especially knowing that the bots will be doing their job!!

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