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    Plugin keeps on growing in size. New SEMrush integration is not for free and users who don’t want to use it once we disable it the code used to implement it is still there.

    Just feels like Yoast add more features and keep on bloating the plugin for features that is extra. Instead of 2020 and soon 2021 try to minimize the code use with the same functionality.

    We can disable it but would prefer it extra is added once enabled and not bloating the plugin for users who don’t want those extra features within Yoast or WordPress. Some prefer to have everything within WordPress some prefer to have slim code and bare minimal and use the tools separately.

    Thanks in advance.

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    @alriksson Thanks for your message and we appreciate the feedback. However, as this forum is more dedicated to support our users that are experiencing an issue with the plugin, your suggestions would be better received in the form of a feature request.

    If you feel that recent changes to the plugin were negative ones and not in the interest of most users, we’d recommend you submit a feature request to our developers. We also use feature requests to help track user interest as well as how widespread a request is to help us evaluate it’s priority.

    We’re actively using the bug tracking on our GitHub repository so your best next step would be to create a new feature request for our developers at You can create a new issue to submit your feature request. You will need an account to create one.


    We second @alriksson

    Can Yoast explain why was SEMRUSH added to its plugin? SEMRUSH is considered a malicious bot by the community. We have blocked them with our robots.txt file.

    SEMRUSH, for example, extracts info from websites, then sells it to others. Unacceptable.

    For those interested in blocking SEMRUSH and other “bad bots,” here’s the robots.txt code:

    # Bad Bots
    User-agent: semrushbot #website crawler
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: zoominfo #website crawler
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: woorank #website crawler
    Disallow: /


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    Hi @jetxpert, @alriksson

    We had tried to shed some light on a similar concern in this thread discussion which I believe would help you give some insights into it.


    Thank you for the link.

    Unfortunately, it does not explain why Yoast added SEMRUSH to its plugin. When activated, SEMRUSH slows down websites and only helps Yoast and SEMRUSH (for financial gain, can’t think of anything else).

    If wrong, please let us know what are the benefits of using SEMRUSH via Yoast. The explanation provided in your plugin (see below) is not convincing enough for us.

    The SEMrush integration offers suggestions and insights for keywords related to the entered focus keyphrase.

    Having said the above, we do love Yoast for all other benefits it offers. Keep up the good work. At the same time, please keep Yoast lean and mean.


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    @devnihil Sure but important for non GitHub users to see these concerns as well. Plus once adding an issue on your GitHub you either just get them closed without any comment or information or no reply or anything for months.

    Here I at least get attention and other users can see.

    I agree many users don’t want these features and a bloated huge Yoast plugin. Please let us remove all this otherwise I think you guys will keep losing customer to competitors day by day. It’s frustrating see huge code assets loading in wp-admin. Be forced using features which can’t be disabled and the plugin keeps growing and bloat with features. And css and js form Yoast loaded in backend haven’t been reviewed and updated for a long time and later standards. Feels like code has just been added on top of each other. So it’s time to go through all assets loaded in Yoast.

    Understand this is users that wish to see improvements. Hopefully you can pass the code standard and imporvements suggestion to the relevanrt department. Thanks! 🙂

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    @jetxpert According to the forum guidelines, you’ll need to open a new topic instead of replying to an existing post. That way, it’s easier to track issues and provide assistance without alerting someone else for your problems and debugging, when they don’t need it.

    @alriksson We understand you want to remove the SEMrush specific code from the plugin even though you have a dedicated option to disable the SEMrush integration.

    We are afraid to say that there’s no option available or workaround available that will allow you to remove the SEMrush integration from the Yoast SEO plugin unless you disable it from the Yoast SEO settings. Disabling SEMrush shall still stop the relevant integration for you and the SEMrush integration-related code won’t run on your website at all since you are disabling it.

    That said if you still think to let everyone remove the SEMrush integration code from the plugin, it is best to submit your idea on our development repository where our entire development team looks at this for you. We understand that we might take long for certain cases to reply to a GitHub issue as we sort issues based on the priority that are affecting most users, it doesn’t mean that we close GitHub issues without informing why. In most cases, we do leave comments on the GitHub issue to explain why we are closing the issue.

    We hope this clarifies everything for you.

    Plugin Support devnihil


    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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