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    I just discovered that Yoast 12.0 is getting in the way of the WordPress blocks on a page. I’m using WordPress 5.2.3 with Genesis 3.1.2. Please advise.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I think I am having the same issue and I reported it 6 days ago – with the blocks not opening under EDIT POST but have not heard back.


    I have the same issue. I can’t get anything new published or edit older posts. This is ridiculous.

    Ana A


    Is it happening since Chrome update to version 77.0?

    See here: yoast plugin overlays in the middle of the wordpress post using chrome Version 77.0.3865.75

    Yoast guys, please help us solve this dilemma!

    Not sure if it is related but Yoast 12 and current version of WordPress crash the editor. I also am running Avada 6.x. Their editor works somewhat, but there are also inconsistencies there as well. The exact symptom i am experiencing is that I cannot open the WordPress default editor at all. I click the button but nothing happens.

    THIS IS HAPPENING ON MULTIPLE SITES THAT I HOST with similar platform. Currently i have deactivated Yoast and I am able to edit both in WordPress as well as AVADA Fusion editor.


    LSB Web Design


    Same issue. Happens with 11.9 as well, Firefox is fine, seems to only happen in the latest version of Chrome. Chrome 76 was fine.

    Default twenty nineteen theme, WordPress up to date and no other plugins installed.

    Jeff D


    Add the following code to your theme’s function.php

     * Modify the height of a specific CSS class to fix an issue in Chrome 77 with Gutenberg. 
     * @see
        function() {
           echo '<style>.block-editor-writing-flow { height: auto; }</style>'; // phpcs:ignore


    Thanks, Jeff. I added the code you recommended to the theme’s functions.php but it didn’t work – doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox


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    Yep, I’m having the same problem since updating Chrome. I’d prefer a fix to the plugin itself rather than having to modify my php file. I’m new to WP and only touch my system files manually when absolutely necessary.

    Plugin Support MariusG



    This issue has been fixed by the Gutenberg team in their latest update (in the plugin version, 6.4.0). As the WordPress core has not yet received an update, this issue persists until an update is released.

    There are several workarounds until then:
    a) Use another browser, i.e. Firefox (the issue only happens with the latest version of Google Chrome)
    b) Add this code to the functions.php file of the theme
    c) Install the Gutenberg v6.4.0 plugin

    We hope to have cleared things up for you and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.



    Still does not work – installed gutenberg – didn’t work – installed code to functions.php – didn’t work – tried firefox – didn’t work




    Yes, I’m showing the same. Basically, Google needs to get their $@#& together. It seems like I’m always having some kind of an issue with Chrome. I just reverted back to Safari because of this and I’m not happy about it. 🙁

    !DOCTYPE html><html
    charset=UTF-8><title> Открыть автомобиль Митсубиси (Mitsubishi) в Белгороде. Звоните!!!</title><meta
    name=description content><meta
    name=keywords content><link
    rel=stylesheet href= media=all><link
    rel=”shortcut icon” href= type=image/x-icon><link
    rel=icon href= type=image/x-icon> <script src=></script> <meta
    property=og:title content=” Открыть автомобиль Митсубиси (Mitsubishi) в Белгороде. Звоните!!!”><meta
    property=og:type content=website><meta
    property=og:url content=><meta
    Отсутствует description и keywords НЕ ПОЛУЧАЕТСЯ ПРОПИСАТЬ, не отображается в коде

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