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  • Mercime (or anyone else, nosy!)

    I saw that you had something confident to say about XML exports…

    I am trying to help someone on this forum move from to their own blog. Her blog is mature (+40M export file). The new host as agreed to suspend the server limits to allow her to move in.
    The problem is that she can’t export an intact XML file from Yes, a support ticket has filed with…

    Stray tags and categories and spam -all deleted.

    It doesn’t look like is going to respond. I looked into RSS scrapers and things like FeedWP/wp-o-matic which were promising, especially for the image caching/auto category generation etc but ultimately, it didn’t work out.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    The ideal would be for (and org, haha) to allow export parameters. A specific category, author, tag, date range etc instead of glob. But that’s dreaming. What works?

    BTW: I am aware of the option of splitting the large file into smaller ones, but first, I need (?) an uncorrupted file. What can I do to help manifest the uncorrupted file?


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  • Ok, so her blog is +32M per month! Hello! So luckily enough,’s export coughs up the last 32M of post content into its file…

    Begin the laborious process of splitting each 32M file into smaller files, importing them all (resolving character whammies along the way), returning to the source blog to delete only the posts successfully transferred including related media from the media manager and pages published in the same range (took me a while to figure that one out!).

    Thankfully, the attachments (post thumbnails etc) are pulled as part of the import process too! Rerunning an import does not corrupt things. Published posts are skipped as are attachments. Unpublished stuff gets duplicated/created every time you import…

    Things are progressing.


    A few reg-ex op’s to perform, replace a few plugins, regenerate the sitemap, flip the DNS sqitch and we’re done.

    What a PITA.



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    yo musnake, just saw your post. glad you solved your challenge. 3 cheers 🙂

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