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  • Not sure if it was deliberate or just a big grand canyon sized oversight, but y’all have removed the ability to play around with padding, margins, etc. in the new 3.9 version’s Image Editor. What the frack? Not cool! It’s not very user friendly to take away those features, especially for people like me who are coding beginners.

    So ,llease bring that feature back! I’ve never posted on WordPress’s forums ever before – I am doing so tonight JUST to voice my frustration with this feature’s removal in 3.9.

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  • Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    If your theme doesn’t adequately handle border and padding for you, please try this plugin:

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    aharvard Please give this trac ticket a read and do provide feedback regarding that plugin.

    If that plugin does address your concerns can you please let us know?

    For what is worth, I found also this one that is supposed to do similar job + shadows:

    … but wasn’t able to make it work. At all!
    Only tried on a single installation and maybe others should also give it a try.

    What about showing resolution while scaling? Would anyone want to see this implemented?

    Here’s exactly what I’m talking about:

    Andrew et. al, it’s not a matter of my theme not being able to handle borders and padding. Because I’m talking about WP’s native Image Editor thing. As in, when I am creating/editing a page or post and I go to click on “Add Media.” The image editor that pops up doesn’t have options to augment images anymore.

    I’m not installing a plugin for a feature that used to be (and SHOULD be) native to WP. At least not if I can avoid it. I can fiddle with adding margin-right: xxpx; and whatnot, but it’s just a hassle and really takes away from the democratic, open-to-all nature of WP.

    Whatever, there are bigger issues in my life than this. But I hope the WP folks continue to make updates that are useful to ALL users, not just coding and WP pros.


    +1 to aharvard.

    These changes had myself and my client ready to switch to a different CMS earlier today, before I found the plugin that Andrew already mentioned above. (And, we’ve been using WordPress for over 3 years, so this wasn’t an issue we considered lightly.)

    Now that the plugin restores most of the lost features that should have been retained in the first place, we’ll give WP a chance to correct this huge mistake. And it is huge… I see more complaints about this here on the support site than anything else. I’ve never felt the need to comment here on the Feedback until now.

    And I am frustrated by the moderators shutting down comments on this subject – such as marking Feedback threads “Resolved and Closed” when they most certainly are not resolved. For instance…

    It will be resolved when WP puts back all the functionality that they took away. Not when a plugin is found that restores some features that were lost. It shouldn’t be necessary to install a plugin for such basic needs.

    Libraryhack, you are completely 100% right. We shouldn’t have to use a plugin to restore basic functionalities, especially functionalities that make WP easy for people to use, regardless of how much basic coding experience they may possess.

    We will get this overturned!!

    I’m not sure why such a core function was removed, I’m sure there are reasons… and the idea that “theme doesn’t adequately handle border and padding for you” is really just a cop out… I create custom themes and I set up css to apply borders and margin around images, but here’s the thing… sometimes, just sometimes, i don’t want the standard margin or border to be applied to an image… sometimes I need either more or less margin applied to a single image for a specific layout on a single page… the old version of the image attributes allowed me the freedom to customize margin or borders… using a plugin to accomplish what was part of the core wordpress experience for many seems broken… ideally development of a content management system is one of addition, not subtraction.

    Please please – we must have this core function back. My clients use it extensively.

    I have moved everything from Joomla specifically because my clients find wordpress a doddle to use, but this is a massive retrograde step.

    There was no functionality change with title attributes; you can still add them.
    While percent-resizing is gone you can simply scale the image in the editor, something we’d like to make even better in the future.
    If your theme doesn’t adequately handle border and padding for you, please try this plugin:

    My themes handle borders fine, but what my clients want to be able to do is add borders and decide on their own spacing for images.

    This was so easy before WP went to version 3.9 – was it removed for a reason? Why have to use a plugin for something that a few days ago was integral to WP.

    Please, please can we have borders and spacing back???

    Did you try the plugin suggested above?

    No I didn’t add another plugin to my site, esmi, because I have been able to figure out how to alter images by adding style attributes directly on the page or post.

    I feel like a broken record, but WP is being a little tone deaf on this one. I’m not adding a plugin to do something that should be restored as a native WP feature.

    WP is trifling!

    I did try the plugin, but it doesn’t answer the question as to why a useful feature was removed in the last upgrade. I have 150 WP sites, I really don’t want to have to install a plugin on each of these.

    Please – WP 4.0 – can we have that basic but nice little feature back.

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