• I am using the free Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews plugin on my Bazar Envato Theme website. The reviews and star rating all work as they should, but the attachment does not work.

    So the review can be submitted with star rating, title and description with no problem.

    When you try adding a image attachment of the product it sends customer to a 404 Error page and no review is submitted. I really want this function to work. I would buy the premium version of this plug in if I had faith in the fact that it will work.

    Also, Not sure why I cannot delete a review? When I try deleting a review it does not remove it from the product?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Any ideas what is causing the 404 error when adding attachments to advanced reviews?

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    Any better place I should be asking this question? Maybe I am not asking it in the right place? Would love to figure out why this plugin isn’t working. Thanks for any help



    Same issue here. Tons of 404’s in Google Search Console due to this plugin.

    Anyone fixed? Got the same problem.

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