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  • I am new here, and I just downloaded the software for windows. I had no idea it was going to be this complicated. I need someone who has patience that can explain how I do this. I am a beginner to putting software on a website I am trying to create, but I’m not stupid, I just need help and need someone to explain this like they’re talking to a kid. 🙂
    Basically, there are too many folders and I don’t know where to start. I decided to put a few of the folders’ content on my webpage editor, by copying and pasting each folder separately, but each time I save it to my webpage it is all messed up looking. Yes, my site supports the requirements for WP software, so I know my host is not the problem. The problem is me, because I know there is something else I need to do or something I need to learn about putting this software on my site.
    Here is the example (copy and pasted) of what the “blogging header” file looks like after I save it to my webpage :
    wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started. Need more help? We got it. You can create a wp-config.php file through a web interface, but this doesn’t work for all server setups. The safest way is to manually create the file.”); require_once(dirname(__FILE__).’/’ . ‘/wp-config.php’); require_once(dirname(__FILE__).’/’ . ‘wp-includes/wp-l10n.php’); // Process PATH_INFO, if set. $path_info = array(); if (! empty($_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’])) { // Fetch the rewrite rules. $rewrite = rewrite_rules(‘matches’); $pathinfo = $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’]; // Trim leading ‘/’. $pathinfo = preg_replace(“!^/!”, ”, $pathinfo); if (! empty($rewrite)) { // Get the name of the file requesting path info. $req_uri = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]; $req_uri = str_replace($pathinfo, ”, $req_uri); $req_uri = preg_replace(“!/+$!”, ”, $req_uri); $req_uri = explode(‘/’, $req_uri); $req_uri = $req_uri[count($req_uri)-1]; // Look for matches. $pathinfomatch = $pathinfo; foreach ($rewrite as $match => $query) { // If the request URI is the anchor of the match, prepend it // to the path info. if ((! empty($req_uri)) && (strpos($match, $req_uri) === 0)) { $pathinfomatch = $req_uri . ‘/’ . $pathinfo; } if
    Why is it doing this?? I am so confused I need begginer’s help followed by how to make this work on my site.
    Thanks so much for everyone who has taken their time to read this and help me!
    ~ Sunny

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  • It’s Sunny again…
    Just wanted to also state that I keep seeing all this help from people in forums and they all say “upload all the files to your folder you want on your site”. Well, in my site there is nothing stating I have to upload anything, I just simply copy the file that is converted into wordpad, and then paste it into the body tag of a new file on my site. Is that ok? Does that have the same affect as uploading all the files at once? And which file am I supposed to upload first, or paste it in a file first? Maybe the reason it’s not working is because of this? Maybe I need to have all WP’s files in one page at once for it to work? And how woud I do that?
    remotely confused and frustrated 🙁
    ~ Sunny

    FTP – you need an ftp program.
    Use that, and with it, connect to your website.
    (apols for the formatting above)

    Oh thanks podz for your help! 🙂
    ~ Sunny

    May I suggest you take a deep breath. A WP install is normally pretty straightforward but there are a couple of phrases in your post that are making me wonder what you are up to. All you should be doing is uploading to your root directory, setting up wp-config and then running the three step install. I am baffled by the phrase *there are too many folders*. They are not harming anybody. :). If you post again could you set out the steps you have taken. No need for the gory details of the code – we get the picture. This is prolly simple and hopefully we can get you fixed up. But if you are *fighting the app* something has gone wrong for you.

    Thank you Root for your help!
    I now understand what I have done wrong for I am new to all this. 🙂 I am setting out to do what I was told now, and I will let you know if it all worked or not.
    ~ Sunny

    podz I wondered what you were up to 🙂

    Drawing those strands together anon there should be no copying and pasting anywhere at this stage. The files need to be transferred by ftp.

    That’s for the wiki .. (hence the formatting here) .. so this is a beta test 🙂

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