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  • Hi…
    No matter what I’ve tried I cannot get my text to wrap around an image.
    I’ve tried deactivating plugins, switching themes, tried on a page vs a post with same results, tried all the alignment instructions from other forum posts on this subject. Can someone please take a look and see if you can help?

    I’m an extreme newbie… so if I have to alter any code you’ll have to be VERY specific on what to put where. Thanks SOOOOOO much!

    Here is my site.

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  • Yep… I’ve done all of that to the letter.
    Still no go.

    Try deactivating ALL plugins and switching to twentytwelve theme –
    create a new post and carefully go through the steps.

    ok… will try now. Thank you

    Still not fixed. Deactivated all plugins. Switched to twenty twelve.

    Where is the new post and exactly what did you do?

    I put in some text (using paragraph setting in visual editor)
    Then place curser directly to the left of the first letter and then clicked Add Media.
    From the media library I clicked on the picture I wanted. In the alignment box to the lower right in that window I set the size as “Medium” and alignment as “Left”. and clicked update.

    I’ve tried setting the alignment from the little button that shows up directly on the image once it’s in the post, that didn’t change anything. Tried aligning to the right instead of the left… the image moves to the right but the text is still underneath. I tried all different image sizes. Tried three different themes. No change.

    Try this:

    In the visual editor – create a new post – do not use paragraph tags or anything else.

    Click add media – find the image you want and click it – once selected – look at the panel on the right side of the screen – under ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS select right or left. Click Insert into post.

    Once back on the post screen type your text.

    Tried that… put the image in first with the alignment set to left. Then started typing… odd thing though…the text started at the top to the right of the image like I would like it be and then immediately dropped down underneath the image again as I continued to type.

    Where is that NEW post?

    Sorry…. new post

    Looks fine to me – all the text is on the side of the photo.

    Hmmm… well this is interesting. I’ve been using Chrome. On both my Mac and PC with Chrome it’s not aligning, yet in Firefox it looks correct on both Mac and PC.

    Any thoughts on this? I sure don’t want it to look all messed up to visitors using Chrome.


    The only difference I can see between your site and a test site I tried this on in Chrome is the inline CSS in the paragraph tag at the top of that entry – do you know where that’s being added from?

    <p style="text-align: left;">
    <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-33" alt="Home page electric bike" src="" width="199" height="300"></a>slkjsdlkjsdlkfjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdlkfjsldkfjsldkfjlsdkjflsdkjflsdkjflskdjflksdjflksdjflksjdflkjsdflkjsldkfjlskdjflskdjflksjdflksjdflksjdflkjsdlfkjsldkfjlskdjflskdjflsdkfjsl;kjfl;sakdjf;lskdjf;lkasjdf;lksjdf;lksjdfl;kjsdfl;kjsd;lkfjas;lkdjf;lskdjf;lskdjf;lksjdf;lksjdf;lkjsd;lfkjsa;ldkfj;aslkdjfl;skajdf;lksjdfl;ksjdfl;kjsdl;fkjs;alkdjf;lsakdjf</p>

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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