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  • hey,

    i am trying to work with a multisite-network using subdomains without dns-wildcard (because my provider doesn’t allow it).

    what do i have to do, when manually adding the subomains (f.e. demo.domain.xx) in my provider-backend (i use hosteurope) and creating a new blog in the network with this domain to make it work?


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  • You should create an entry on your dns provider for each subdomain on the section called A/AAAA Records pointing to the hosting server.

    wow, thanks for the quick reply. i did so but it doesn’t work.

    here is my example:

    WordPress installation:
    Should-work subdomain:

    perhaps i did get my hosting server wrong? how do i know if I’m right?

    Oki, that’s working properly. If your ping any of these domains, both point to the same server (

    Now, you need a proper config at WordPress leve. Do you have network enabled with subdomain? Checkout official documentation if you need the basics:

    hey grosshat, again thank you for the reply. i checked all basics and yes, network is enabled with subdomain, but i dont get this… can i offer you any possibility to help me?

    Of course. If you have access to the server (Apache, etc.), sure I could check some things and look at possible gaps.

    If you want to follow this thread privately, email at

    I’ve being having problems sending emails to you. I’ve checked your network config on WordPress, and now I need to check your ‘.htaccess’ and ‘wp-config.php’ files. Give me access to the host, or just send me that by mail. 🙂

    Do you manage the config of Apache? Do you know if you have a virtual host configured with an alias pointing to *

    I sent the files via mail, thanks! And yes, i do know that we are having a virtual server managed and cannot point to * 🙁

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    If you created the subdomains server-side, make sure there is no actual folder on the server.

    also, there’s no need to email other members anything when your htaccess can be pasted in here or at pastebin.

    HI grosshat,
    I have same problem as axeldittmann. Can you help me solve problem

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    Hi Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    Hi, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re talking about but I desperately need to PERMANENTLY DELETE my blog. I registered the domain and now it won’t let me delete it. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    You can even call me on the phone if it’s too complicated


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