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    Hi all.

    Im just startet a danish site about Windows 7 and use the latest version of wordpress. 2.8.5, but have had some errors.

    First I have made the hole site with plugins etc. and then I got the famous WordPress White Screen Of Death. It’s fixed now and it all running again.


    My site i realy slow, both in the frontend as the backend. Is this a bug in the latest version of wordpress or is there something I can do to optimize it.

    I have read a lots of the threads in here but, when people asking about something, many others put other problems in to the thread and suddenly the thread is difficul to get along in. Now I’m put my own problem in here, and please don’t put yours problem in this thread to. Im searching for help.

    My site is, please have a look at it and if you can give me some hint to speed up the site. If you need some information about server etc. please ask. I’m not host the site by my self, but at

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  • Problem solved ….

    There was made changes in permalink settings.

    After the problem with the white screen of death, there has been a lot of work with this problem. And some of this journey to find the problem there has been set “custom” with this tag “/%post_id%/” in the Permaling Settings

    I changed it back to default, an now its running smooth again. 🙂

    Bye all an hobe you get help with your problems.

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