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  • I’ve been cruising these forums for a month or two trying to sort out my issues with my sidebar in Firefox– like loads of topic-starters here, mine drops down to the bottom rather than floating nicely (though it looks perfect in IE).
    -I’ve tried resizing all images, which didn’t work, so I got rid of them entirely. Still didn’t work (So I put them back). I’ve removed all widgets from my sidebar, so as to avoid any java getting in the way, still no good (These, I didn’t put back).
    -I’ve tried adding a line of code to the CSS that begins with “fix” and goes on to tell it to… stop floating, I reckon. It was suggested to another complainer last year and apparently worked for them.
    -I’ve tried changing the size of the wrap section of the css, and both the right and left columns to make sure there’s room for everything, in various combinations. No good.
    -I’ve validated all the code– it checks out. I imagine I’m missing something the validators can’t find, which needs a human touch. And I’m not on it.

    It works sometimes when I load it, but 70% of the time it’s mucked up.

    I’d really appreciate any help you can offer. The site is, in case anyone wants to have a look. A friend adjusted/created the theme for me, so I confess I’m trying to work with someone else’s code, which puts me at a serious disadvantage. That and I’m a newbie at this, myself. Obviously.

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  • 7 months ago and no answer?

    I am having this problem too. been having to change through a lot of themes.

    is it WP or firefox?

    had one working fine, then upgraded to 2.7 and whammo same thing

    Hi to both of you,

    I’ve had this problem in the past. The culprit from my experience is usually a missing <div> or closing </div> tag.

    Go here and run your sites through the validator:

    Look at the results and see if <div> comes up. If it does, then the PSPad code editor can help you find where your divs start and finish. I often managed to chop them out while copying and pasting – it is easily done.

    Work through the code carefully and check everything. If you still have real problems, then look at the original theme files you used and compare your files with them.

    Good luck – this is a fiddly problem, but with time and patience, it can be resolved.


    He said he validated the site, Alex:)
    That aside – I looked at his page in FF2 and it looked fine to me – so he either found the problem and didn’t come back … or it’s not a browser problem at all. I agree – the majority of these problems with sidebars dropping are unclosed DIV tags.

    Hi Saurus,

    I know he said he validated the site – so did I, and there were errors, but as you say, the site seems to be OK now in FF 3.0.4 – despite the errors.

    I used to have lots of fun with unclosed DIV tags!



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