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  • sweasel


    I did a forum search on the topic and found a zillion similar threads and dutifully read the most recent, with no joy so far. The salient points are:

    -My RSS feed works fine in some readers, not others
    -Per Bloglines, and haven’t updated since May 16 and hasn’t updated since March 7
    -I’m not getting an error message
    -It appears valid:
    -I have upgraded to the latest version of WP twice since I discovered the problem, didn’t help
    -The keeper of fix-rss-feed-error-wordpress-plugins.htm let the domain ( lapse earlier this month, so I can’t get the plug-in to strip blank lines automatically

    So far, I’ve found a number of .php files with blank lines at the end, which I gather can be at fault. Do I have to check every .php file in the whole install, or only certain directories? Are commented lines or blanks in other places a problem? Since I’m not getting an error message, is the blank line issue likely to be the deal here? You can imagine how eager I am to do this job by hand.

    Any insight anyone has would be much appreciated. I don’t use a feed reader and I have a very weak understanding of how feeds work.

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  • esmi


    If your feed is valid and up to date (which it is), there’s no point in stripping out any blank lines. The problem may lie at the feed reader end – not with your feed.



    Thank you for the response. I know the feed is not reading properly in Bloglines and I’ve lost readership over it. I suspect it’s also why Wikio perpetually lists me as “indexed but not yet ranked.” And if I don’t get a place in the Weblog awards because they can’t read my feed, I will cry hot tears of shame.

    It seems likely that there’s <i>something</i> about my feed that’s making it fail in some readers, but the Bloglines FAQ and an email request to them didn’t yield any result.

    Oh, well.

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