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  • I started off using 3.0b1, and I could never really get it to work correctly (when I installed stable version everything I coudlnt’ get to work worked)

    I installed it on a 2.7 install.

    1) The ‘Pool’ would never fully load (instead displayed loading gifs) (no console errors)
    2) The scores were *always* no more than ‘1.’ When I downgraded the scores reflected a functional algorithm.

    I love the plug-in, especially the added template functionlity! It allows me to add thumbnails and other great information. Keep it up. How long do you think until it’s stable? (approx)

    mitcho – “The Pool” in the beta doesn’t come up on my blog. It’s on infinite search. I wanted to exclude a category from YARPP and need to access the pool. I didn’t have this problem in the last version.

    By the way, the cache is doing wonders – it makes this the best related post plugin available.

    @na3s – I’m curious about your (2) point… does it still happen with beta 2?

    (1) was fixed in beta 2:

    Hi all… just released beta 3:

    Hey Mitcho! yes, it was happening with Beta 2. I did get the templates to work at one point, but the scoring was way off. Looks like I came back to check the status at the right time, I’ll give it a shot and let you know what’s up.

    Getting an include error for template file. looked through code, can’t really find what’s wrong, everything looks kosher.

    Ahhh, I fixed it. I changed line 260 to an absolute path and the error dissapeared. I think this may have something with WordPress Native security, maybe preventing includes from Plugin directory is not the way to go about it. Possibly add a Symbolic Link in the plugins directory, that points to a directory in the wp-content folder (putting templates into plugin directory does not make much sense.) I have not tried this, but it could work. Sticking with absolute path for now though 🙂

    @na3s – hahaha, sorry, I just looked at the other thread and figured out the path issue for myself. 🙂

    I just released YARPP 3.0b4: . This version also makes it so the “example code” display in the options screen actually uses the active template.

    When do you plan on releasing version 3.0 final?


    I had to disable the plugin because I have gotten huge spikes in CPU usage. The cache works great as compared to version 2, so I am not sure where the CPU spikes come from. Basically, what happens is this:

    I activate the plugin and make sure the cache is 100%. I de-activate on-the-fly related posts. AFterwards, all is well. But, as soon as I post again, the CPU usage spikes and the server crashes.

    I have about 1800 posts and 180 tags now and I am using hyper-cache to cache pages. I am not sure what is happening, but my suspicion is that the new post causes a lot of database queries and also causes new cache pages to be generated.

    I have thought about using a widget cache but wanted to get more feedback as to what the problem is first.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    @ploobers – sorry, I’ve been traveling a lot recently and getting behind on YARPP… I just released 3.0 beta 5. Hopefully I’ll be getting this to the localizers and will release the final version soon thereafter.

    Is there a way to exclude certain pages/posts from receiving the related posts function? What i mean is that i have a specific template for a category and i don’t need the related posts on those pages.

    Thanks in advance.

    **** nevermind i just shut off auto allow and manually inserted the php.

    although checkbox functionality for pages or posts might be helpful.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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