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  • Hi,

    When using this plugin my text underneath an url in google is replaced with the related content links. So when a result shows up in google its shows related post instead of the first 2-3 sentences from the post.

    An easy way to check it is by sharing your link to G+ and see the snippet that’s created, it’s shows the same problem with the related post “indexation”

    Does anyone know a fix for this as this isn’t a good thing imho and I would like to have it fixed. I also tried a different plugin (the one with minimal cpu usage) en it has the same problem.

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  • Michael


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    your site’s meta description in the head section seems to contain the related posts titles;

    example from one of the single posts:

    <meta name="description" content="Verwante berichten:iCloud draait op Microsoft en Amazon servers Wat gaat HTC doen? Verkopen, webOS of samenwerken met Amazon? Een review schrijven over een..." />

    find out what generates this meta description, and change it.
    are you using a seo plugin?

    Yes I use Gregs High performance SEO plugin

    So actually what I need is to figure out how to change that plugin so that its takes the fews 2 lines of my blogposts instead of that related content stuff. Don’t really know how to start but at least now I understand my goal 🙂

    This is usually caused by other plugins inserting extra stuff via WP’s the_content filter, which prevents other plugins from seeing what the content was supposed to have been before the insertion. A far better way to insert extra stuff is to do so at the theme level with a template tag/function call, but if you’re keen to let other plugins keep on filtering the_content, the best solution to mangled content appearing in the head description would be to provide your own head description either by filling in the WP excerpt or by filling in the head description box provided by GHPSEO.

    All the best,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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