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  • Can someone take a look at this:

    And tell me if it’s worth preparing the gallery code for release?

    You insert a “quick gallery” into a post with a quicktag like so:

    <!- -quickGal(‘/Folder/Name’,5,yes) – ->

    There’s a button in the backend that parses the gallery directory structure and presents you with a nice dialog tho, so you don’t need to remember folder names.

    Erm, what else.

    Runs out of folders, auto generates thumbs depending on your criteria in a setup file (Can’t be bothered to use WP options as once you set a thumbnail size its rarely changed).

    The basic upload process is:
    1) Upload new images to a folder beneath the gallery root
    2) Upload a text file called info.txt into that folder, conataining the verbose gallery description
    3) Add the quicktag to your post if you want
    4) Relax

    Installation is straightforward but you’ll end up modifying some CSS to get it to blend in with whatever theme you’re using.

    And, er, that’s it.

    If anyone’s got any questions about it, or suggestions, let me know, and if you’d like to see it out there also, let me know.

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