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    First – I’ve read the most recent posts on this – and I’ve struggled for over 8 hours on this… which I’m hoping won’t just show how dumb I am…

    I would like a heirarchial category output on an individual Page, or Category template. either would work fine. AND when the sub-sub-etc-category is clicked – a list of alphabetical posts.

    I now have way too much jumbled info in my brain, and I can’t figure out the simple solution:
    Am I looking for an archive php parameter (can postbypost do this?)
    – a get_posts (but that doesn’t recognize child & parent relationships)?
    – wp_list_categories? (All the navigation tree plugins that I’ve tried (Dagon Design/ Sobek’s/ wp-dtree/ wenderhost/ Alex King’s fold categories – all get that damn category error.)

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  • Would a Page with this code in the template work:

    Template Name: wplistcatpage
    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <div id="content" class="widecolumn">
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    Note: used the above with the WordPress Default 1.6 theme.

    Cathy Tibbles


    I’m not sure what you mean… I can write pages from admin, and I have a page template… If the above page was called “recipes” (a category), and called a list of categories…then the user could click on a subcategory to get a multi-post listing of its contents… that isn’t quite what I had in mind.

    What i’m looking for – is the code to control the category template once the user clicks on a category link from any navigation list.

    I am thinking (am I right?) that any click on any category in a category link list, will pull the category template? On that template, I’d like these snippets:

    1. If is a parent =List current_category only & its children.
    2. If is not a parent= List current_subcategory(itself) & post_titles (links) alphabetically

    In the codex, these things get into stuff with $ signs everywhere, and assumes a bit of php / template knowledge… totally over my head.

    Is appropriate to ask for snippets, or is this someone’s bread & butter?

    Cathy Tibbles


    I’m going to post these questions under a better title…

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