[resolved] Yet another Pingback problem - Can receive, but cannot send (2 posts)

  1. Mario Peshev
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello, again,

    I've read most of the topics, related to pingbacks, but unfortunately didn't manage to solve my problem. It's similar to that solved problem - I have receiving of pingbacks working, but no sending working. I've installed WP-Crontrol and the only 2 WP-Cron entries in my queue are 'wp_update_plugins' and 'polls_crons'. I see nothing, related to the cant-send-pingbacks problem.

    When I've installed the fresh installation of the forum 2 months ago, it's been working the correct way; only few changes later and I've lost the functionality. Unfortunately I'm not sure whether it is a problem in the theme or in any of the plugins - I have doubts of 'FCKEditor', 'HeadSpace2', 'Redirection', 'WP-CMS Post Control' and 'WP_Multilingual' plugins (if any of them is blocking the pingback functionality).

    Any ideas of why I'm not able to send pingbacks or trackbacks?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Mario Peshev
    Posted 7 years ago #


    2 months later I solved my issue. The problem was in the WP_Multilingual plugin that I had to remove (it was obviously not working with pingbacks as well as with other plugins).

    Pingbacks are back on now.

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