• The only reason I tried this plugin was to send latest post notification but having spend an hour or so reading about it and installing and understanding how it works, I was extremely disappointed to see that it only let you send a basic blog post list from 1980’s style with no control whatsoever. Even hiding tags so that people can’t explore the functionalities.

    Tried sending test emails that were also not delivered except one. Not sure what to do with this “free” plugin. If you don’t want to offer any free feature to test then say it … but, DO NOT P!SS OFF your potential customers offering crap.

    Never buy a plugin that doesn’t let users explore it’s features completely before a decision.

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  • Plugin Author Brian Mutende


    1. You can override any template in your theme. Did you try?
    2. We don’t hide any merge tags. This is false.
    3. We use your host to send emails. If they’re not delivered please contact your host or install an SMTP plugin.

    Did you open a support ticket for any of the issues? Judging from your recent reviews I guess I know why.

    Thread Starter Asif


    • Please accept that there’s “0” aka “ZERO” value in testing/using the available plugin except to pay the amount and only then get pissed off from the purchase
    • I always make sure to give 1 star to plugins that waste people’s time with their so-called “free” plugin to test functionalities that you only realize having spent an hour or so that you actually can’t test the features you need
    • There was just nothing much to explore except browsing tabs with very limited basic functionality in the free plugin that I felt the need to open a support ticket. And, one cannot spend money just to “learn” that this plugin can do such and such
    • Just check all the 1-star comments and one will understand the issue that 5-star reviews always miss out!!!
    • btw already have an SMTP plugin installed that has been working perfectly fine
    • other plugins delivering emails that are already within the hosting provider’s daily limit with no issue

    May be instead of judging people, offer some real value for limited time so that potential buyers can “actually” see what this plugin can do.

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