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  • Wow, I didn’t notice this forum until now! I really must become more perceptive. Anyway, I thought I’d better get in the spirit of things, so here’s a link to my blog:
    Its a bit boring really, nothing special, but I thought I’d link it anyway! If anyone wants to exchange links, that would be great! =)

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  • I like the overall design, but here are a few comments (just my opinion)…
    * I can’t read the text. The color is too light. (It’s passable on my PC, barely visible on my Mac, and darn-near invisible on my laptop.)
    * Your link-exchanges are spilling over into the content area (in Mozilla/Firefox, and Safari)
    * Also, the hover on your links causes them to blend into the background.
    * I would recommend moving the CSS that’s currently in your head section into a separate file, then linking to it. That way, it can be cached.
    Hope this helps,

    Wasn’t your site VERY pink at one time? 😀 I recall visiting it before. I like the design now, but I find the text hard to read. As I type this, I see Tony has made a few suggestions.
    Thanks for sharing your site with us; good luck with it, and have fun doing it!

    Purty, but Tony already hit you with my suggestions. Ah, Sweet Nothing, or as we say down in cajun country, “Bonbon Rien”

    @amy Do you live in Brighton by any chance. LOL 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I made a new template anyway, I got a bit sick of the green one. Hopefully I’ve fixed all of the problems with it! Let me know if there still something wrong, or (very likely) I’ve created a new issue that needs to be fixed!
    Craig, my site did use to be rather pink, yes! But I think I grew out of that pretty quickly!
    And, no anonymous, I don’t live in Brighton! I live in south Wiltshire, and what a party it is here too. Or not. =)

    The vector-art image rocks! Nice <strike>colors</strike> colours too. 🙂

    OK as far as it goes Amy. But if you are considering a degree and or career as a “web designer” you might want to explore valid xhtml and semantic markup. Then you’d be a star ! 🙂


    I know I should use valid XHTML and stuff, but at the moment its just my blog, and I don’t really care who reads it and what browser they use, its mainly for myself. I did try to use valid xhtml transitional, but I got really bored half way through and it was really late! I’ll do all that when I get time, and definitely when I get to uni, lol! =)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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