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Yet another 403 problem-This one really weird though

  • When I goto write a post on wordpress, something strange happens and makes a cookie, and I can’t access my site until i delete this cookie(watch, after you test this, you won’t be able to access http://dmb.hey.nu ). It seems like it has to do with the AJAX editor that it starts. Any of you can try, tell me if it happens to you, and only do it once, don’t spam my blog.

    Logon as this: test
    Password: test


    Thanks for the help.

    Oh yeh, and according to the admin of my hosting provider, he found this in the logs:
    Sat Jan 21 01:30:12 2006] [error] [client] mod_security: Access denied with code 403. Invalid cookie format: Cookie value is missing #1 [hostname “dmb.hey.nu”] [uri “/3rdparty/”] [unique_id Vs-Q9AyevGEAACNyq6IAAAAB]


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  • I took a look at the cookie, and this is what is in cookies.txt for firefox:

    dmb.hey.nu FALSE / FALSE 1169433612 dbx-postmeta grabit=0-,1-,2-,3-,4-,5-,6-&advancedstuff=0-,1-,2-
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 1138413025 wporg_pass 4b6c85e73555fdd91c116eed2218206f
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 1143856225 wporg_user dmbtech
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 1271361601 BX 34l8cm11ru4mg&b=2
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 1137899344 __utmb 213718802
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 2147385600 __utma 213718802.1647593052.1136079402.1137879180.1137897545.9
    .wordpress.org TRUE / FALSE 1152363631 __utmz 213718802.1136595631.4.3.utmccn=(referral)|utmcsr=dmb.hey.nu|utmcct=/3rdparty/blog4/wp-admin/themes.php|utmcmd=referral

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